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Docotr Who

the Android 


Ever since I was introduced to Doctor Who back in 83/64 I was a fan.

Over the years the Doctor has encountered robots, androids of many kinds within the original series.
The Yeti, the Movellions, the Cybermen.
My favorite episode involving robots from the Tom Baker era was the Androids of Tera, where one of the pieces of the Key to time was disguised as part of a stature.
But my first novel of Tom Baker's and the series was from Pinnacle, one of the 10 adaptions series adaptions of 'the Android Invasion'.
This book would end up hold to strong significances to me.  One being it was my first Dr. Who book, the Second my mom who passed away in 2o1o was the one who bought it for me, from a little book store when we lived in Ok. for the first time.
The 2bd video goes further endepth of the story, and below are the other Pinnacale novel adaptions (& Yes I have all 10) 

1: Day of the Daleks (3rd Dr & Jo Grant)

2: the Doomsday Weapon (aka: Colony in Space)

3: the Dinosaur Invasion (3rd Dr & Sarah Jane Smith)

4: the Geneses of theDaleks (4th Dr/Sarah Jane & Harry Sullivan)

5: the Revenge of the Cybermen

6: the Lock Ness Monster (aka: Terror of the Zygons: 4th Dr & Sarah Jane)

7: the Talons of Weng Chiang (4th Doctor & Leela)

8: the Masque of the Mandragora
9: the Android Invasion

10: the Seeds of Doom

Doctor Who Christmas

Steven Moffat has done a really great job this year with the Christmas episode: the Return of Doctor Mysterio 

When first hearing how it was going to revolve around Super Heroes, myself and my good buddy Joe felt same about it initially as we did about Ghostbusters (add Worried and Distraught emoji Here_____).

But then Christmas day came, and we were Pleasantly surprised.

From beginning to end, showing the young Grant Gordon mistook a vital component to end Temporal barrier around New York for Cold Medicine.

Then following it up as a series of flashbacks to show how Grant became the Superman-esk "Ghost"

Having Marvel and DC comics easter eggs sprinkled throughout the episode Really did help  Such as "With Great Power come Great Responsibility"

Followed up with the Lois Lane-esk Lucy Fletcher who turns out to be Grant's School year crush, then turns around to be her Nanny years after the father to the child Splits.

Finally the Main villains Dr. Sim and  Mr. Brock each having been taken over by the same race the Doctor and River Song encountered in "the Husbands of River Song"

Matt Lucas returns as Nardole, his Alien companion and co-pilot.

The story centers around alien bran monsters wishing to take over Earth, by luring unsuspecting victims into their lair and replacing them.

Like I said when first hearing about the plot I felt it was going to be a dumb take off of so many Doctor Who adventures, leaving plot holse large enough to dive a planet though it.

But Hats off to Moffat for listening to Fans where it counts.

Such closing the Temporal Barriers spoken about in "Angels Take Manhattan", brain monsters last mentioned before mentioned "the Husbands of River Song" along with the sprinklings of Marvel/DC heroes.