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Doctor Who

The Android Invasion

Ever since I was introduced to Doctor Who back in 83/64 I was a fan.

Over the years the Doctor has encountered robots, androids of many kinds within the original series.
The Yeti, the Movellions, the Cybermen.
My favorite episode involving robots from the Tom Baker era was the Androids of Tera, where one of the pieces of the Key to time was disguised as part of a stature.
But my first novel of Tom Baker's and the series was from Pinnacle, one of the 10 adaptions series adaptions of 'the Android Invasion'.
This book would end up hold to strong significance to me.  One being it was my first Dr. Who book, the Second my mom who passed away in 2o1o was the one who bought it for me, from a little book store when we lived in OK. for the first time.
The 2bd video goes further endepth of the story, and below are the other Pinnacale novel adaptions (& Yes I have all 10) 



Whovian fans have something to be excited about.  

38 years after a strike at the BBC shut down production on the Douglas Adams and and many other stories. 

Shada is coming to digital download November 24 in time for Doctor Who's 54th Anniversary, and December 4th for Blue-Ray/DVD.

The last  update of the Douglas Adam's classic was when Paul McGann (8th Doctor/96 Movie) and Lalla Ward (2nd Romana/the Vampire Circus)  voiced the Big Finish audio, then then adapted to a Flash Animated in 2oo3.

So many Whovians will be psyched (Namely Yours Truly), when we'll get to see the original voiced and done by many of the Original actors.

Tom Baker the 4th Doctor narrated the Missing parts to the 1979 episode when it came to video.  But having a Fully restored version shall make all Old and New Whovians feel revealed.

After the 96 movie with Paul McGann aired I began thinking of all who could remake the unfinished adventure.

Yes many were American Actors, but still the possibilities were great.

I have always felt that the Missing Episodes should be done with Today's actors and technology, but filmed in the same Black & White style.

My Shada Cast: 

4th Doctor: Jeff Goldblum/Michael Richards

Romana II: Michelle Pfeifer/Calista Flockhart /Jane Krakowski/Portia De Rossi/Courtney Thorn-Smith 

Prof. Chronotis/Salyaven: David Attenborough

Skagra: Malcolm McDowell/Morgan Freeman

Wilcan: Bob Hoskins

Chris Parsons: Freddie Prinze Jr

Clara Knightly: Shannen Dohorety/Neve Campbell/Keri Russell


Season 41 of the Doctor Who Project is coming.

The Throne of Peladon by James P. Quick starts the 2 adventure of with the 10th Doctor() & () Hannah Redfoot

The TARDIS returns to Peledon in 4100, to yet again deal with politically motivated  stratagems; who is the boy with the Angelic voice who Does Not grow old the Great Ones spirit is set to return?

Move over Why is a Scientist bent on Changing time and what's behind the Mysterious ailment the Doctor has contracted?

(Sneak Peak: The Doctor takes Hannah to 1919 New Orleans, and not just to enjoy an oyster loaf. He is checking up on ‘Mr. Oldfield’, a retired Time Lord living in married seclusion in Tremé. Oldfield is a picture of carefree bonhomie, but his wife Collette’s barely concealed dread betrays that all is not as it seems.

The locals fear that the Oldfields’ house is haunted—and Hannah soon comes to believe it when a zombie-like travesty, seemingly incarnated from Collette’s nightmares, pursues them in the night. The Doctor, meanwhile, is dogged by a mysterious woman from another time, who has heard rumours of a devastating weapon hidden in this time period. These occurrences are all somehow connected to the seemingly benign Oldfield.) 

The Doctor Who Project is a Fan Based creations done by: 

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Bob Furnell
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