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Ever since I was introduced to Doctor Who back in 83/64 I was a fan.

Over the years the Doctor has encountered robots, androids of many kinds within the original series.
The Yeti, the Movellions, the Cybermen.
My favorite episode involving robots from the Tom Baker era was the Androids of Tera, where one of the pieces of the Key to time was disguised as part of a stature.
But my first novel of Tom Baker's and the series was from Pinnacle, one of the 10 adaptions series adaptions of 'the Android Invasion'.
This book would end up hold to strong significance to me.  One being it was my first Dr. Who book, the Second my mom who passed away in 2o1o was the one who bought it for me, from a little book store when we lived in OK. for the first time.
The 2bd video goes further endepth of the story, and below are the other Pinnacale novel adaptions (& Yes I have all 10) 





This Christmas Steven Moffat's Swan Song (and none too soon) final adventure of Doctor Who will finally come to a Much Delighted, but somewhat disheartened end.

We'll see the 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi meet up with David Bradley reprising his roll from Adventures in "Space and Time" as the First Doctor (originally portrayed by the Late William Hartnell), plus Mark Gattis as a soldier.

The Bittersweet comes due to this will be also Capldi's final run as the Legendary Doctor, and we'll see the New 13th Doctor Jodie Wittaker taking up the mantel of the iconic Doctor (Trailer above).

The Internet Exploded when she was announced, many claiming because she a Woman she's Unfit because the roll of the Doctor has always been and should always remain a Man.  Forcing the the 5th Doctor Peter Davison to leave Twitter due to the hate received for his view on the subject.

Myself and several others are None too Happy on the fact it went to a woman, and many stating they'r going to Cease watching Doctor Who plus going as far as Getting Rid of their collections they've built over the years.

Having become a fan in '83 when the local PBS station started running the Tom Baker era, and having been Great Disappointed in Moffat's run, yes I am one of the ones who believe the Doctor should remain a man.  But I am willing to give Jodie Whittaker a chance, but if Chris Chinball and the other writers start screwing up, I wont go as far as destroying nor getting rid of my stuff.  But I shall cease watching and only watch if the episode appears interesting.

With the influx of the SJW (Social Justice Warriors) crowd who wouldn't be happy No Matter how something goes.  Some are accusing the BBC to Kowtowing them.

This is my problem with them making  the Doctor a woman.

1: History has not been All too kind to woman, so how are they going to Circumvent this?

2: All the events where woman suffered, are they going to have the Doctor be responsible for this very change?

3: Are they going to have a Male companion to stave off that Doctor Who and the BBC is promoting Violence to women if the Doctor gets Attacked in any way?  Plus are we going to see sexual tension between they and their companion like we did with shows "Cheers. Moonlighting" and Remington Steel"?

4: IF the series' ratings suffer, the Loudest of the voice Won't be because of the writing or the actor/actress they chose. The Loudest cacophony shall come from those Blaming the BBC for Choosing a woman.

All these are Ligit questions and worries for the longest running show.

And with many of the Voice claiming Sexism, when they haven't seen an episode and nor would they.  Begs the question:  Are they saying this because they Believe in what they're saying, or is that they JUST want to Claim the had a Voice in something?

Four months from now we'll get the Moffat/Capaldi swan song, then X number of months later we'll get the 11th Season, and hopefully not the Last season.

Fingers Crossed.

What needs to be done during the hiatus of the show are Specials.

Whether it's of the current or past Doctors or even the companions and UNIT, something Must done to ensure the longevity of the show unlike what Moffat risked during this tenure.



With "Twice Upon a Time" hailing the Swan Song for departing Show Runner Steven Moffat and 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi, and "Broadchurch's" Chris Chibnall Jodie Whittaker taking over soon after that.

It's being reported that Whovains won't begetting their 13th Doctor till sometime within 2o18.

Quoting Moffat [ The alternative might have been to have had no Doctor Who at all between Christmas 2015 and the autumn of 2018."]

The internet and fans were already split due to the choice of Jodie Whittaker (the First Female Doctor in Doctor Who's 5o years.

Now that it's been stated that the show won't be returning till sometime after the New Year, those fans who were disheartened with the choice may not return.

With China putting money into the show so it remains for several more years, the Chibnall/Whittaker and the Writers need to WOW the viewers to ensure the show is worth staying with.

Plus there needs to be some sort of specials or Extras between seasons so Whovians won't stray.