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The Cleveland Browns found the Hard way what kneeling can do during the National Anthem.

Geauga County's  Sheriff Scott Hildenbrand put his foot down by relaying how his officers SHALL not be providing security during their Down Time for the Cleveland Brown games.

Sheriff  Hildenbrand relaying his Outrage on the 

Geauga County Facebook page after attending a game with friends:  The stadium was almost full with 70,000 fans in attendance. During the National Anthem at least 21 Browns players keeled as the entire stadium, made up of all races, ages, sex, religion and careers stood and removed theirs hats. All the police officers working in uniform were saluting.”

Furthering President Trumps feelings concerning using their Celebritiness to protest the National Anthem.

Going onto say how Owners, Players as well as the NFL  Commissioner basically are condoning their actions. (click picture for more on the story)

With viewership and attendance of NFL games at a Historical Low due to the protesting of the Nation Anthem, the Browns are the latest to know the Backlash for Disrespecting Our National Anthem.

As long as I have lived, I have Never in my lifetime seen Such Disdain and Vulgarity towards one's own Country.

No One is telling these players they CANNOT protest.  All anyone is asking is to Refrain for but 2 and smidge, then you can relay your Discontent during Halftime or After the game.

We all know there are Problems within the US.  We all know the injustices that are going on and would Willing to Fix them if they could.

But for x amount of time Fans just Want to Forget the world for however long the game is on.  By Teams and others Taking the Knee in such Detainment it Forces them to realize the World is Not perfect.  And We all just want to Escape the Insanity of the Real world for however long a Game is played.

As a player if you have to Fain it for 2 and smidge, please do.  Fans would rather have you do that, than show this Immense disregard for... 


You thought athletes kneeling got peoples' goat.

Well ESPN has made a decision that is Really getting people Steamed.

Opting out of Airing the National Anthem in fear of showing athletes Kneeling.

ESPN is actually Cutting away for commercials.  IF taking a knee was a sheer sign Disrespect.  EPSN TOPPED the taking the knee protest by showing commercial when all Eyes and Respect should be on OUR Flag and National Anthem.

One person on Twitter commented WTF about No National Anthem during the Bears game.

Another stated they were going to contact their Congressmen to cease paying taxes to them.

Yet another stating No National Anthem, No Viewership from them.

ESPN has found a way to Alienate people More than those who are Taking the Knee.

If Owners start getting fined for what their Team is doing along with the automatic Forfeiting for those teams that do show the disrespect.  Plus 1oo% refund to those who attended the game.

If this is how ESPN thinks it's easing things and calming nerves, um, You Are Not!

There's a reason why I haven't said anything about the Las Vegas shooting.

The tragedy that is the Largest in modern US history.  I honestly don't know what to say.

The tragedy makes No seance.  

A man goes up into a building and Rains death upon Millions, killing and wounding many.

Then we once again into the Circular, Revolving Door argument of Gun Control and how the NRA is Stifling everyone with Fearuendo due to the loss of the 2nd Amendment.

I am Heart Broken at the latest deaths in Las Vegas that I just feel like most Americans or people, I just Don't want to Hear it Any More.  I want to simply Hide.

Plus I admit I am not a fan of guns, but I know I about to state Losing Argument Cliche.  But they are Necessary Evil in the world today.

We could MAKE amendments to Amendments.

We could PASS new Gun Laws till we're Blue in the face.

We could change statutes in the Constitution hourly.

We could State Gun stats from Other countries.

We could even go as far as Suing Gun Manufactures until they nothing more than Myths & Legends.  But it will Not help the problem, Until we Cease the Constant Blaming of the WEAPON and want to MAKE excuses for the Shooter.

"If they weren't in such Proximity of  guns."

"Guns Don't Kill People, People Kill People."

It feels as if We do Not want to Blame the Person for the action, because if we do then there was Wrong with that person.  So if there was some thing Wrong with that person.  Then there must something Ideologically wrong with Us as People in general. 






That is the clock counting down till the Next shooting.

The Alarm will be going off soon for the Next person Top or Attempt to Top the last person.


I've been trying to be more vocal on social media, than here.

but it looks like I'm going to have to give my view point on the issue.

We've all been hearing Contradictory things about the Take the Knee or what some are referring to as the "Kaepernick Maneuver."

Many claiming the Taking of Arms or Taking the Knee is a silent protest of What's going on in our Streets due to Police Violence, Corrupt Politicians, and that's why None are willing to recite the National Anthem.

Having grown up in an era where you Recited the Pledge of Allegiance and had the National Anthem played at the start and end of the Television day, I have to side with one Should forget their Protest for 2 minutes.

If you wish to Protest then you should have the balls to do it at Half Time, or even After the game.  Why is it these players seem to have the Courage when On the Field/Court where Millions are watching.  But no sooner than the Closer buzzer's sounded one would wonder whether they're doing it because they Honest believe in the cause, or they Simply want the Media Coverage.

Fans are so outraged they have begun Booing during game play or even Boycott the games.

Look at Kaepernick, he was taking the knee all last year, but for whatever reason people want to claim it's current thing aimed somewhat at the Trump Administration. Which is Wrong.  He started it last year.

Then you have the Leader to the Cowboys Not allowing his players wear some sort of tribute to the Fallen Police Officers, but sure is Willing to Take a Knee, or link arms for whatever's going on in the streets.

(Guessing it would be a Serious Conflict of Interest, since so many of his players Are Felons)

Due to their actions it's being proposed that Tax Exempt money that would Normally go to building stadiums would be Revoked, for the NFL to build them with Their Money.

People feeling President Trump's words of "Fire the Sonofabitches" is Sound one.

Nearly 1/3 (39%) of adults are willing to watch Football due to its current distension.

I've been hash tagging such things #ForfeitIfKneeling,#KeelersAreNotHeroes. And the latest.  #FineTheOwners.

None of the fans Feel they Players Do Not Have the right protest.  On the contrary, I can understand in today's Air, that's the Only way something can get done. But in long run, don't blame our National Anthem and Flag for what corrupt Cops or Politicians are doing.

Kaepernick has even tarnished his argument by donating $25,ooo to a group that Believes in Killing Cops.

Kaepernick Could have had a chance to set the Record straight while he was floating around.  But he'e rather go after those who Protect him and others from those who Murdered a Police Officer or tow.