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Zina Cruse I want you to remember that name.

I haven't lived in Illinois area for 45 years.

I left in '73 when my dad was transferred to Owensboro, Key.

A good friend of mine (Brian Mitchell) who currently lives in the area, who I found via Sammy Bee of ivlog's 3iV started petitioning for the Justice of a 3-year-old child named Kane Friess-Wylie of Bellville, Ill who has murdered April of 2o17.

Approximately 1oo people gathered at the St. Clair Courthouse to Protest the reduction of Bond from a Million Dollars. (wait for it.) 85%.

Remember the name I asked you to keep on the Forefront of your mind. That was the judge who basically allowed a Child Killed to walk on Only a measly 15,ooo in change.

Kane's Own mother had stipulated in a letter back in March DID NOT BELIEVE THE SUITABILITY OF THE FIRST DEGREE CHARGE UPON HER BOYFRIEND.

Granted she felt he was wrong in Not Calling 911. But in she also said in the three paged letter: "I am not saying I think he should be free,"/I believe there is a proper charge & sentence for the death of my son. And I do not believe 1st-degree murder is that charge."

Let that settle in for a second Folks and Fans. Kane's Own Mother. The woman who was there to Protect him. Felt that a First Degree Murder charge on her Boyfriend was TOO Severe. She cared More about the Garbage that Murdered her Own Son, than her Own Son.

The Piece Of Shit Judge Zina Cruse. Oh is that Too Overly Harsh?

That Judge Basically stipulated in their Sentencing that it's OK to Murder a child. And what does that say about the Defence Team for the Boyfriend

(who Will Remain Nameless).

So young Kane was Screwed over 2 times.

1. By a mother who was SUPPOSED to protect him.

2. The Judge Zina Cruse.

The Mere fact the Judge would have been swayed by this letter or even the Defence to Reduce the PIECE OF SHIT Boyfriend's Bond down to such an Asinine amount tells me and tells everyone that this Judge is Baby Killer Protector.

I say we all FLOOD the Courthouse with Emails DEMANDING that judge is Removed from the bench. The Mother and Boyfriend are Sentenced to the Exact Same amount of Time.

And the Mother should be Forced to have a picture of their child in their Cell where when the Lights are on, she sees the child she FAILED in life.

When the lights are off. What her Actions accounted to. And have Random Blackouts in Only her Cell.