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Colin Kaeprnick, Formerly of the 49's has signed a book deal with Random House.

Due to ever growing Hatred over his "Taking the Knee" (Gold Star stepdad leaves Broncos game), where many athletes are following suit, plus inability to be signed, Colin Kaepernick has signed a book deal of $1 Million.

His 11 games apparently doesn't mean much to fans and other teams who are unwilling to sign the arm-chair player, for the amount of controversy he has brought to the game, with it even bring the wrath of current President Donald J. Trump.

Personally, Kaepernick and any other arm-chair player (one who Takes a Knee) should not be playing.

If one takes a knee they and the team should be Fined,

the Coach and Owner should be find Times the amount, on top of Forfeiting the game.

If both sides are doing it, everyone in the stands should have their tickets 100%ly refunded.

In the end, it's unknown how much Kaepernick will rack in with this deal which is more than his NFL Salary.  But till he and other arm-chair players get the gist, NFL will die.

No one is saying these players Do Not have the Right to Protest.  But it's funny how they can Never find their feet during our National Anthem, but are during the game.