The Blind Dyslexic



(9 Hours or 9 Days)

Dylann Roof was found guilty on All 33 Charges and Federal Hate Crimes for systemically Murdering Nine (9) Church members at a South Carolina Church.

Taking but two hours to decide the fate of the Devout White Supremacist.

Having have to choose between the Death Penalty or Life Imprisonment, this after he Chose to represent himself in this trial.

Being quite honest, I'm glad he was found guilty.

I do feel sorry for the parent's and family members off this individual, due to they will have to cary the stigma of having lived and brought him up.

And the Ever Lingering scenario of: Why You Did Not Stop Him, nor See it."

But now we'll have the systematic Appeals that will last for God only knows how long, centering on Competency or whether he Purposely sabotaged his Own defense so is to get only Life or simply to get himself off.

My personal belief, he took Nine Lives, his should be forfeited.

He went into a Church pulled the trigger of his weapon to remove 9 people who could have Influenced and brought Light to Many.   But because he Chose to see Race as a Reason for Inferiority, 9+ Lives and Futures will Never be seen.

We should not be waiting 9 Times years to decide his fate. Nine Hours or Nine Days. 

June 17, 2015 Dylann Roof walked into the Emanuele AME Church murdered 9 people.

He claimed he wanted to provoke a Race War.

Today a Federal Judge has granted the his plea to Represent himself in the upcoming trial.  

It angers and disgusts me that we have people such as this, who still see the Color of someone's Skin as a reason to Hate.

On an up note, Prosecutors are seeing the Death Penalty.  But if Roof screws his case up Purposely, we may never see him put to death do a claim of Mental Incompetence.


The new Philippine President has admits to killing drug users and pushers.

The new President even said he drove around with a weapon Looking for a confrontation.

I admit drugs are one of the roots of all evil but as Cenk and Ana each said the Suspicion of a crime isn't a reason to kill someone, otherwise you have witch hunts and get even attacks daily.

I wouldn't go to the Philippines either way, but if I was with an organization like Doctor without Boarders etc.  I'd steer clear of the place because someone Might misunderstand the medicine I was carrying as a illegal and shoot me.  

It's amazing how SO often people will do dealings with the Devil to do the Lords work.