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Doctor who is Trade Marked/
Licences by the BBC

The Blind Dyslexic Cliffhanger 
Saga is Unaffiliated


                                                                           ALTERNATE ROUTE 

The Doctor's bows showed all if any who was about how angry he was.
Exiting the lift he didn't know what angered him more, the trek through down the ship that had felt like hours, or finding his TARDIS.  Gone!
"Nardole, what did you do!" huffing, wishing he hadn't taught him how to fly the TARDIS.
And Bill, she was taken somewhere in the depths not only to have met Missy and the Master's Harold Saxon with his face.  Then be told by the Mondozian Cyberman that they had 'Waited for him.'  Implying this was... Bill.
"Nardole!" finding a ship wide communications device.  "Nardole you blasted buffoon where are you!" 'Doctor, is that you?' soon came across the com, sounding shocked.
"Who else would it be!" shouting back.
'Bu-but I you left?' the Doctor could only step back, rub his face, repeating how he was dealing with a true 'Putting Head.'  Not just any 'Putting Head', but its founder and King.
"If I had left, wouldn't I have taken you with me?' Nardole knowing the tone all too well.
'Where are you Nardole" gritting his teeth in some sort of macabre smile.
'Where you left Bill and I." voice squeaking some, somewhat apprehensions.
'Nardole and where would that be?" trying so hard to remain.  Calm.  "And Nardole.'
"Yes, Doctor?" shirking, wanting to find someplace to hide. 
'Is my TARDIS near youby any chance?' Nardoles eyes unconsciously scanning the area around him.
Hearing the gulp.  'No, Doctor.' his voice squeaking, the Doctor wondering whether Nardole could hear his neck crackle like spaghetti as it rolled about his neck.
"Nardole, listen to me very clearly,' Nardole hating when he gets like this.  'Why is my TARDIS not here." squeezing his face.
'You left with Bill after the battle with the Cybermen.' hand dropping, eyes wide, not caring that his 'Putting Head' comment bleated out loud enough to be made out over the com.
"Nardole, answer me one question, please." hearing that he would.  "And keep in mind your life, your very existence may depend on it." hearing him squeak out something. 
"How can I have left after fighting the Cybermen,' Nardole nodding, and grimacing. 'If I am talking to you where we all landed?' Nardole not knowing what frightened him more.
The fact he didn't know how to answer the Doctor, how to explain how he seen, watched him leave with Bill in the TARDIS and is now talking to him in the control room where he, Bill, and Missy first arrived.
Or, he knows the expression across his face... Right Now...


First Cliffhanger Saga.  12th Grade Journal