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Doctor who is Trade Marked/
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The Blind Dyslexic Cliffhanger 
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When they run like this, so often it’s because of out of date tags.’ the Police officer in the passenger seat craning their head enough to be seen by the cameraman from the local TV station, as their radio squawks out the general Police information.

But in this case, we lucked out,’ adding as the Squad car that had called it in initially was hastily nearing their bumper. ‘The description of the car thief matches the man whose part of a Snatch and Scrap group that’s been quite elusive for the past three-four months.’ the driver nodding about Four.

Street light after Stop sign zipping past the perusing Squad Car’s wind shield, the cameraman making certain they capture everything, even though the Police Car was equipped with a dash-cam.

The cameraman wished they could have waited for their Reporter Co-Worker, but they were hoping they were in the vehicle behind them.

Whoa-Whoa-What the hell!’ shot from the driver’s mouth when a golden streak of light shot heavewad.

This is 2-4-0 Adam we have a 10-29h,’ (Caution - severe hazard potential) the golden light soon ceasing. ‘with a possible 11-41.’ (An ambulance is needed) slowly pulling up to the scene witnessing near the middle of the road was a stumbling brown haired man in his mid to late 40’s with a goatee, wearing a dark colored jacket opened revealing a white collared shirt that too had seen better day along with equally dark lightly pleated pants, from their vantage point he appeared to be wavering between the color of the car that struck him along with several colored waves of some sort.

Dispatch we have a 10-51,’ (Subject is drunk). ‘But no visible transformer down or ac-cident’ everyone looking at each other wondering what could have caused the light show they had seen.

‘Sir, Sir please stay where you are, an ambulance is on the way.’ one of the officers from the squad car following holding their hands up to halt the man who was clearly disorient-tated.

Whether it was from being struck by the stolen car, alcohol or both they had no clue, as Reporter soon comes into the cameraman’s camera POV.

Did you see what caused the light?’ the auburn-haired woman asking her cameraman when she was passing into view.

No, we saw the same thing as you did.’ ambulance wine nearing.

Steven, Ya-Yasmine?’ the oddly clad man looking in their direction. ‘I-I thought I left you-agreed to remain behind to act as mediator between the Elders and Savages?’ unclear who amongst the band of Police, Cameraman and Reporter this man was talking to.

Sir plea-’ the same officer rushing over just as this man doubles over, all in camera view looking to each other utterly confusion with the ambulance heard behind them all.

Handful of a flock of Black Birds flying into camera view.


sir, sir do you know who you are and where you’re at?” the man blinking his eyes to an Asian nurse.

The Doctor.” rubbing his somewhat sore right side. “Where am I?” the nurse motioning for him to remain lying down, as two officers one of them from the pursuit came into the room.

“Now that he’s awake can we perform a breathalyzer?” even in the Doctor’s semi-bemused state, one of the officers seemed off to him.

Breathalyzer?” realizing what the said. “But I wasn’t drinking.” all but one of the cops looking at him, and catching the hint of a faint melodious earwig?

“Then who is Steven and Yasmine,” the tall black cop folding his arms. “why were you stumbling in the middle of the road?”

“What making House Calls?” the nurse playing on the fact he called himself a doctor.

“No, I just arrived here,” trying to peer under the cap of the other officer. “I was struck by converging Temporal Waves,” mentally recalling the neon bluish Temporal wave from Sir Charles Grover/Professor Whittaker’s Operation Golden; a golden colored Temporal wave along with a purplish one.

At that point the doctor on call came into the room and was handed the man in the bed’s chart. “We ever find out his name?” the 40sih looking man with sandy hair asking; the Doctor catching the faint melodious earwig yet again; craning his attention between the party at his bedside.

“He says he’s a doctor.”

“No, I said I am the Doctor.” looking between the doctor on call and the capped cop.

“Who’s this Steven and Yasmine persons, your nurses, fellow physicians?” laughter from all but the still capped officer.

“Steven Taylor was my companion when meeting the Elders and Savages.” taken aback some by the second name.

“Now the second name,” appearing to be fighting to recollect. “It sounds-feels familiar, but-” not understanding why he was seeing an Indian woman, African American and middle-aged Caucasian man glinting in-out of his memory as if a dream or splintered mirror.

                                  ALTERNATE ROUTE (4)
                                PART II

“Now the second name,” appearing to be fighting to recollect. “It sounds-feels familiar, but-” not understanding why he was seeing an Indian woman, African American and middle-aged Caucasian men glinting in-out of his memory as if a dream or splintered mirror.

Wondering at the same time whether the Temporal waves he saw in the TARDIS could be to blame.

The nurse catching two black birds seated at the window, thinking it was funny how they appeared to be following the conversation or watching one of the others in the room.

“What is your name?” the Doctor was asked yet again by the officer without a police hat on.

“I said, the Doctor.” starting to wonder why the others in the room were seemingly unaffected by the melodious sound. Almost like a combination of Wind Chimes, window blowing through cracks, and some sort of random tinkling.

If it was a combination of trash/rubbish scent and rattling he would swear someone was wearing an Anubis/Hades Rose. Which in turn would mean the Terran Gods were here or on their way. But none were.

“That is a type, not a name.” the cop with the cap adding their two cents to the mix. Their accent seemingly off in the verbiage and rhythm of certain words. And yet again none noticing?

Rolling their eyes, the main cop glared at the man in the bed. “We can charge with public drunkenness,” waving their hand to the Doctor’s continuous protests of not being drunk. “Granted you were hit by a car we were pursuing, if need be we could also charge you with abstention.” observing the man rearing back, propping his head up with his arms. “You didn’t see a flash of light as if a Transformer went down?” the Doctor shook his head.

“What I do recall is a red Skyline or Mustang hitting me shortly after arriving.” the Doctor wondering whether the twin Black Birds were watching the cop who refuses to remove their cap.

“Why aren’t you asking about that?” shifting his attention between the group.


Pulling into a scrap yard, the red Skyline soon slows, comes to a stop before a tall man wearing overalls looking none to pleased. “…e Hell!” the driver making out soon as the loud music ends at the same time the engine rumbles to off.

“It still pulls to the right when going to 85.” the Asian woman face being sandwiched by long red bangs on the side, purple down the center; then the back was jaggedly bleached white.

“Who the,” the overall man using as many profanities they could pull from the ‘4 Letter Handbook’ as she removed her Aviators. “Xabin’s gonna shit!” seeing the side of the car where she struck the Doctor.

“He’s always los…” leaning back through the passenger side to grab the Aviator cap from the glovebox. “ it, what’s the difference?” even though they had to agree, this was not her car either.

“Who did you hit?” seeing the fragment of dark cloth hanging on by a wing and prayer.

“Hit?” flapping the cap open, walking to the side they were staring at.

“It wasn’t a pole, otherwise Xabin would be leaving your ass to bleed out.” telling she did not know.

Each’s attention drawn towards the flock of Black Birds swooping in on the side of Xabin’s office. Only followed by a tall dark figured that resembled someone in a trench coat.

“You did not ever see the man in the Blue Box,” something about Xabin felt off, as if he was not… “when you mowed him down.” came from the figure.


“Blue Box, man?” smacking his hand against the damage, leaning to down leering at the Asian woman.

“Do not mistake me for an idiot Hu-woman.

“I know what all you are doing at all times.” both yet to find the cameras Xabin has hid.

“There was a you struck when being chased by the police.” the man in overalls craning a eye in her direction. “Who is at this moment being questioned by Police.” each feeling Xabin was not telling them everything.

“Yes, the police were chasing me, but I don’t recall hitting anyone.” the Asian woman doing all she could do not to slap the shit out of either of the two.

“We cannot afford to be found right now.” the Asian woman repeating how ‘He’ was the one, which was only met by Xabin’s glare. “We cannot afford to be found right now,” his hand feeling like a hundred talons when shoving her against the car by her shoulder. “if you cause us to be caught I will personally make certain you die first.” the Asian woman’s eyes widened more due to something she alone was privy to seeing.

“Fix it.” Xabin dropping the keys into the man in overall’s hand walking away, after the Asian woman reluctantly gave them up.

“Do no-don’t screw him,” eyes following him. “Sid talked back to him,” the Asian woman never saw the man show fear before. “he looks like Vultures got after him. He refuses to talk or come out of his house.” recalling how the windows reminded him of someone prepping for a hurricane.

Dawning her Aviator cap, the Asian woman seen in the mirror spinning, walking away as the man in the overalls drove the car away to be repaired. Trying to shake the fridge feeling of what Sid looked like when he last saw him. And why one lone Black Bird never seemed to move from an adjacent fence?

                             ALTERNATE ROUTE (4)

                               PART III

The Doctor did not know whether he wore his visitors down or they felt they had other things to do, but they left leaving him to his senses. His mind was still finding it quite peculiar no one questioned why the one officer refused to remove their Officer’s hat. Not mention the equally peculiar melodic tinkling that earwigged throughout his mind.


The teen girl did not care how those about her felt she was brave, she was growing tired of the countless follow up check ups she had to endure since going through Chemo.

The only two that made it the least bit tolerable was the Asian nurse Veronica and Sponsor Nate, a Marine who both kid him for resembling an 80’s Don Johnson.

Erin only started after the Asian nurse showed her a picture of the very actor from Mimi Vice.

Nate after the fourth or fifth time being ribbed, had a fellow Marine come in with him dressed like their Mimi Vice characters. It was that officer who presented her with a plush alligator named of all things. ‘Elvis’.

The teen girl’s family was still in Cuba and could not make the trip with her because their papers were said to be faked. Even though they were not.

Nate was working hard with the Marine who came in as Tubbs to fix the very problem.

Nate had an odd feeling, glancing over he saw the man who the cops had 40ish man who was brought in under the suspicion of being struck by a vehicle while intoxicated leaning against the doorframe.

Tracing his line of sight, Nate found it to be falling up the Police Officer with their cap on, who was seated on one of the many chairs. “Something wrong?” Nate sniped. “You’re not one of those: ‘The Police are the Enemy’ are you.” sounding more matter of fact.

“Hm,” breaking the Doctor from his deep thought. “Oh, no. I just find it peculiar none of you are questioning why the Officer has not removed their cap all the time they’ve been here.” the very officer’s eyes soon falling upon the Doctor and Nate.

Looking in their direction, Nate realized at that moment this man was right. But still was willing to take it as common place. “You sobered up I see.” Veronica calls.

“Was never drunk, though the effects of my Regeneration have lease settled down.” see-

ing how that cocked the capped officer’s head enough.

Whatever you want to call it Friend,” Nate slipping him the Ok symbol along with a wink. “to make you feel better, go ahead.” the Doctor squinting his eyes hoping this would allow him to see past this officer shielded features.

The Doctor could not wonder what this officer could want, surely they were not after him. Granted he has done an array of things to warrant his Arrest or questioning, but even his own people had their limits and understandings.

“This one is merely hanging around like a… “Scout.” bleats the Doctor, yet again scanning, only to spotting the same twin black birds as before out one of the windows on a car.

Thumb itching his mustache, then rub itching the patch just under his lower lip.


“What?” the Doctor finding him literally blocking him.

“You finally remember your name?” repeating looking none too pleased he was even at the doorway.

“Yes, it’s the Doctor, and you are?” Nate stepping yet again in his line of sight.

“That is a title,” clearly none to amused with his reply. “either tell me your na-” twin fingers finding the Marine’s collarbone in a flash freezing him.

Venusian aikido, hadn’t used it in quite some time.” Nate only able to observe the man walk around him, keeping the twin fingers well planted. “And yes, that is my name.” the teen girl and Veronica each demanding the release Nate.

No sooner than the peculiar officer vanished through exit doors, the Doctor released Nate who was none to pleased. “You better thanking whatever God-” the Doctor waving Nate’s threats off, strolling towards the same very exit doors, leaving them all staring at one another, and Veronica checking Nate’s collar bone.

Yo, we are not done.” observing the black birds craning their heads between the two of them?

Who are you,” the Doctor turning sideways as if prepping for a dual. “we both know you are not what you claim to be.” halting the officer.

Hey!” the Doctor waving Nate off like an annoying mosquito. “No one attacks me like that!” observing the officer smiling at him.

No sooner than Nate grasped the Doctor’s shoulder, he found his own wrist grabbed, spun till he was lying on the ground. “Tell me what you see.” the Doctor not even looking down at him.

“You are braking my arm.” in all his Service days he never had someone pull these kinds of moves on him.

The cop,” Nate grimacing. “focus on the cop.” uncertain if it was the insane man forcing his attention towards the officer, or he was freely craning his head towards the officer walking away.

What the hell!” hearing the Doctor repeating what did he see.

“He-he’s floating?” shaking his head thinking he must be hallucinating, or this recovering alcoholic slipped him something when they jabbed his collarbone.

What do you hear?” grimacing, trying to fight off this insane man, anger welling up within his eyes towards this man claiming to be a doctor.

What?” twin Orderlies freeing Nate from this insane man’s grasp.

What do-did you hear?” taking Nate off guard for a second, not understand why this man was smiling at him.

Get him out of here!” Veronica pointing in some random direction.

What’s the tune?” Veronica inquiring having been the one to accompany the orderlies.

Pardon?” Nate not even realizing what she said at first.

“The song,” observing the Doctor being carted away without any problems. “what is that song your humming and whistling?” Nate did not even realize he was doing either, each reali-zing the cop had long gone


Shoving the Doctor into an isolation room with none to care, the Doctor heard the door soon locking. “Looks like I’m gonna be here for a while.” opting for the floor.

“Now, why am I here?” the Doctor eyes closed, tapping a rhythmic beat with his index fingers. “Why do I have memories of those named Graham, Ryan and Yasmin.” slow faint breaths, mind shifting back to the TARDIS monitor showing the three Temporal Waves.

Last thing the Doctor recalling was him dematerializing leaving having dealt with glass-esk race, along with the Captain and meeting his First Incarnation.

Reaching for the console to get a better view of the odd waves, then found himself outside the TARDIS on some random road and being struck by a red vehicle?

Shifting his eyes under his lids, they soon open to find the Asian woman and the physician who came to see his chart before him. “Oh, hello.” smiling at them.

What is your problem?” the nurse snipes. “You attack one man and still refuse to tell us your name.” one of the orderlies that had shoved him into the room nearby.

“You know what I find peculiar,” attention shifting towards the door. “why I wasn’t restrained before being put in this lovely suite,” mockery all too telling. “And why the same officer with the cap is standing at the door.” the physician craning his head seeing…

“There is no one there.” the Doctor smiling, eyes shifting towards their true location behind the nurse.

“Still, why keep the cap on I wonder?” itching just under his nose’s left nostril.

What is your name,” throwing up a hand. “You’re real nom de guerre, not de Dissociation name you wanna keep givin.” the Doctor unable to maintain a straight face.

“What’s so funny?” the nurse shouts.

“I was just thinking those same words,” eyes slowly reopening. “In that same manner.” almost barely audible due to his snorts and laughs, falling upon the officer, leaving the Doctor to wonder why.

“You will not be allowed out of this room until you’re willing to cooperate.”

“What are your names, since you’re so eager to learn mine.” realizing neither had badges.

They merely looked at each other, scoffed and left.

“Still here.” sounding matter of fact, the melodious tune wavering from high to low.

“You certainly are a curious cuss, aren’t you?” the officer keeping his distance while the orderly paces before him.

“If you do not tell us your name,” the Doctor’s brow crooking upwards. “you shall stay here for a long time.”

What’s your name?” the orderly looking blankly. “I just find it odd that all personal in this hospital don’t believe in wearing name badges.” shifting his attention between the orderly and the officer. “Afraid your hypnotism won’t be as effective if they have their name to concentrate on?” orderly leaning down staring him in the face.

Who are you?”

The Doctor grinning, the Doctor kicking the shin of the orderly as hard as he could, watching them explode into ash. “Puppetry takes a lot out of these Humans, doesn’t it.” craning towards the so-called officer who was grasping their head.

“By the way, I’m the Doctor you should leave this colony a-lone.” the cop’s eyes shifting between solo purples to multi ones.


Seated at her desk glancing at the mini grandfather style clock setting on the ledge of the adjacent window, the woman in a dark colored Hijab wondered where her assistant was.

She knows he set off at the time he had to grab their lunch early, his fiancée worked in the one of the businesses along the way. But that was 15 minutes ago.

Swiping through several Passports and Visas aside, she could not understand where the page she was working from moments ago had gone.

She lost count how many times she had looked at or in the trash can thinking maybe she could have accidentally tossed it.

Looking questionably at the mini grandfather clock, she had never heard it make the odd whirring and moaning sound before. When her co-worker gets back he may have to check whether the batteries are low.

She still recalls the conniption fit he had when someone else replaced the batteries. Rolling her eyes-shaking her head. 'Positive Much.' phased through her mind.

Surprised she hadn’t fallen out of her chair after looking under her desk. The chair slid further back than expected when she had.

“Excuse me,” a female voice at the door sounded. “Is this the floor for ‘the Cultural Arts’?” the office woman wondering where this woman stole her out of date clothing from.

“Um, I don’t believe so.” wondering whether this blonde woman was even her Right Mind, watching her make her way to the window where the min grandfather clock was.

“Be careful of these clocks,” the office woman assuming this wildly clad woman knew something about the Manufacturer. “Some can conceal Death himself.” the office woman taken aback.

The office woman's eyes widened seeing the page she was search-ing for. “Watch yo-“yelling.

The office woman’s face glowing with horror, unable to scooch quickly enough. Back


“Be careful of these clocks,” the office woman assuming this wildly clad woman knew something about the Manufacturer. “Some can conceal Death himself.” the office woman taken aback, and came to the conclustion she was nuts.

The office woman's eyes widened seeing the page she was searching for.

“Where did you find that? the Office Woman starting to wonder if her co-worker had been reading it before he left

The oddly clad woman starting to point when. “Watch yo-“yelling when the woman shoved her as hard as she could moments before a white truck with a camper shell came flying through the window pinning the oddly clad woman into the nearest wall.

The Office woman’s hands and feet were practically running over themselves as , unable to scooch quickly enough.

Thinking she hit the wall, she slowly looks up only to see a blonde or is it light brunette woman in her late 20’s in a mixture of street and workwear clothing. (Prayer shooting from the Office Woman)

The Glock redirecting…




Before either knew the figure impaled between the all and the car Exploded into a golden light. Each’s face encircled in a glowing horror. Each assuming the woman was a goner when the car went up.

Each woman shielding their face’s during the eruption that soon diminished.

Watching in amazement how the man shoved the vehicle with his free hand nearly half way across the room.

“Ohh, that’s gonna leave a mark.” each now gazing upon a man in his late 40s clad in the clothing the woman had been wearing and goatee. Couching.

Swallowing hard, limping while holding the arm that was pinned down by his side.

“Oh, hi.” using the car to steading himself. “Be careful of these clocks, some can conceal Death himself.” repeating the woman’s words verbatim by ver-batim.

Glock leveling on the man. “Please don’t point those at me,” unclear how he managed to replace the woman. “I’m a true fan” caught between the wall.

“of guns.” and the now scorched hood.

“Hall Ass Everyone!” another woman’s voice sounding from outside, the office woman could only making out a dark brunet woman in a black jacket. “I’ve got to meet Special Agent Hobbs who’s on his way now.” through the crack between the door and doorframe. “He’s going to have a million questions.” telling from her tone she’s going to have to fake how much she knows.

The Office woman’s attention torn between what just happened, the oddly clad man drunkenly making his way about, a faint conversation about a blue box down the hallway from the woman who was going shoot her and the brunet, before they left.

The only other thing she made out was something about rendezvousing in some desert.

Now she was gazing upon a gelatin figure leaning partially out the driver side door.




 “I’ve got to greet Special Agent Hobbs who’s on his way now.”  telling the woman was not all overly thrilled through the crack between the door and doorframe. “He’s going to have a million questions.” telling from her tone she’s going to have to fake how much she knows.

The Office woman’s attention torn between what just happened, the oddly clad man drunkenly making his way about, a faint conversation about a blue box down the hallway from the woman who was going shoot her and the brunet, before they left.

The only other thing she made out was something about rendezvousing in some desert

Attention drawn back upon the middle-aged goatee man wearing the woman’s clothing, he was still groaning, but appeared to have recovered a great deal?

The man appeared to be looking through the vehicle that had come flying through the window.

Head craning between the inside mirror and rear window, the man disregarding how his neck was sounding like dried spaghetti.

“Why is the rear window foggy?” his only words, leaving out the peculiar outline of a fried egg the size of a face.

Trying the door, the office woman could not say anything, now gazing upon a gelatin figure similar to those the cast from ‘Mythbuters’ would use when demonstrating effects of certain things upon the Human body; leaning partially out the driver side door, bouncing some.

The smell was atrocious, liken that to burnt Brussels Sprouts and hot tar. The spouts were the backwash taste when one swallowed or breathed.

“When the authorities come,"  groaning some using the car door to help him up with what was his injured arm.  "Or this Hobbs person" about to ask the woman if it was the same person he met during his First Incarnation at Quantico, picking something up with what was his injured arm.

“Tell them this man was dead," rubbing his arm more in sympothy than pain.  "before he hit the window.” the mysterious man now pausing at the door unseen by her while a magnitude of thoughts swarmed the woman’s mind.

Her co-worker having left to grab their lunch and see his fiancée; a woman comes in asking about a department she knows was not in this building; then changing into a man after the very woman shoves her clear of vehicle that was exploding in gold flame.

Another woman who was built like an MMA fighter seemingly torn between killing them both, before being called away by a woman in a ponytail, commenting about someone named Dhabi was all she made out due to distance.

Hearing the same peculiar noice prior to the woman's appearance.

 “Oh my GOD!” she blurts suddenly realizing the gelatin figure that had plopped from the car was wearing the same clothing as her co-work!

"...ial Agent Hobbs," the woman's eyes could not grow wide enough haring the poneytailed woman.  "Do  you need medical assistance?" eyes floating between the two of them, heart racing, mouth dry.


Within a contorl room with a hexagonal control console the goateed man returns to looking at the conole he was observing prior to arriving at his location in the other Incarnation.

"That's the Golden Age Ribbon," eyes falling upon the greenish-brown wake.  "Flashpoint Ribbon," eyes shifting towards the yellowish wake below.

"Together they would only shook the TARDIS, not thrown it off course like it had?" eyes narrowing, rubbing his now beared chin.

"Hope I'm not mistaken for the Master." the man stipulated, soon supporting himself  leaning nearler to the console.

Waving losely in the once injured arm was a torn sheet of paper he had picked up prior to departing.

On it read several names : The Duck, Han, Tom Cruise, Tom Petty, Carl Thascalos.  He was only concerned about one, as his new eyes fall upon another Temperal Wake that had a purplish appearance.

And why is he Cloister Bell... Sounding?


                                                                PART IV

        “By the way, I’m the Doctor you should leave this colony a-lone.” the cop’s eyes shifting between solo purples to… Multi ones.

        “Why do you conceal who you are?” the cop seemingly circling him like a predator to prey.

       “What are you doing on this world?” the Doctor standing there, arms folded behind his back.


        “My intentions here are none of your concern.” observing how the Doctor’s brow crooked.

        “Spoken like someone with something to hide,” pausing to his right. “What species are you?” the Doctor ever shifting eyes.

        “How did you come to be here?” the cop asks, while the Doctor got the feeling he was stalling.

        The Doctor thumbing the lower left of his lip. “Deceptive much?” unconsciously scanning where they were, realizing the cop was staying out of view of the twin black birds.

        “You do not dictate to me.” the Doctor thinking interesting narrative; his right arm coming to rest on his folded left one; index finger coming to rest up on his nose, thumb and middle his cheek and chin. Eyes narrowing.

        “No, but I am immune to your hypno-babble,” gesturing with the very right hand. “Which tells me the psionic signal can be counter acted by the either the orange smile or cinnamon stick I had earlier.” trying to gage what he knows about this alien from the people he’s taken over.

Do not play me the fool.” the Doctor commenting mid-sentence he would not dream to.

        “You came here by some means; Transmat, Portal what could it be?” the Doctor spinning with the cop.

        “You’re afraid of something.” the Doctor lifting his head a smidge.  “But what could that be?” tapping his nose, after re-positioning his arms like before where one bridge the other.

         “Tony and Tia speculated the same thing,” the Doctor recognizing the twin alien siblings his Fourth Incarnation aided.  “which was why it was so easy for Dr. Victor Gannon,” the academic hack.  “and Letha Wedge,” psychopathic, hypocritical social path. “to gain control of Tony when I planted the notion they need to go on their vacation.” the Doctor nodding, eyes still shifting.


            “You didn’t have anything to do with Midwich incident, did you?” rolling his eyes spotting Nate and Veronica yet again arriving.


            “What in the hell is it with you and this Officer!” Veronica the first to state the obvious.

        “Are you trying to coerce him not to arrest you,” Nate checking on the officer to ensure the Doctor had not done anything. “or add to your record?” the Doctor watching the birds.

        “Probably the same thing you have with me.” the Doctor quips, wondering what the connection between the birds and the officer could be.

        “They are just trying to do their job,” Veronica getting in the Doctor’s face. “they don't need some Cry-Victim just because they called someone on their shit.”

        "Wouldn’t it be nice to know why he’s being evasive?” the Doctor grinning, Nate harshly interrupting that he was one to talk. Plus, for the Doctor to get off it.

        “You were the one who claimed to you is floating.” repeating Nate’s own words.

        “When you did that martial arts,” wiggling his fingers.  “you slipped me something.”

the Doctor rolling his eyes.

        Nate would have jabbed him with a finger, if he didn't feel this imbecile wouldn't perform the same martial arts trick as before.

        “Leave him alone!” Veronica sternly, unclear if she meant the cop or Nate.

        The Doctor wavering his eyes between his new guests, the cop and the birds.

        “You heard her.” Nate steadfast between he and the officer.


        Rolling up to her apartment on her Harley, the Asian woman couldn’t shake the feeling she was being followed since leaving Xabin’s.

        There it was, one of those black birds they saw fly in prior the SOB confronted her.

        Double barreling the bird (flipping it off), she checks the mailbox under the carport as the thing comes to rest upon one the third car down.

        “Bill, bill, Coupon-King,” she somehow got on their mailing list for local coupons. She would cancel, but she’s found random good ones. “junk.” making certain the middle finger was always present in some manner pulling each item from her box.

         Hearing a rush of air, the Asian woman goes down hard when the black bird shot straight at her.

        Smacking against the car next to her before finding herself crumpled between the car and curb, the damn bird respectively dive-bombing her while she laid funny on the pavement.

        “Get the…” cursing while she did all she could to swat the thing. “away from me!” the damn thing apparently having a mind of its own. “I said get the…” not knowing how she prized her aviator cap off, she happened to nick the bird with one swat.

        Eyes widening with the sound of a gunshot echoing through the parking lot, blood dribbled her…