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Hello all.
Just wanted to dive in and tell ya what's been going on.
First up, caught an episode of "Not My Doctor Who" YouTube show (Dr Who tab), got see the always lovely & awesome Noel & Yvette.

Man, every time I come to my site I want to add a new character to the "Sexy Kitty" (drop-down tab Daily Blog)  line up, but can't think of of one.  
I have 4-6 possibles and two are from the Stream/Cyberpunk side of life, but I don't want to Merely add one to being adding one.  Plus I don't want to go to the Over the top Sc-Fi route either.

Want to give a shout out to both Hopeless & Hunter who aided me in getting my Terrorbyte & Oppressor. (Though I made One lil mistake.
Thought you could combine machine guns & missiles.  Nope.  So now have to work my way up to getting missiles.  Oopsy)

Grabbed dad's Father's Day card plus something from Ron's, one of the great places to eat here in T-Town.  Told the cashier how their fries & burgers are the best, plus to cease making such great food, they're making me fat lol.

Speaking of GTA V.  Was doing a supply run when I narrowly ran into another player, they chased me down and took me out before I could send them an apology.  They took me out a 2nd time afterwards, so while they were distracted by cops, I took them out.

Joe & I did a Freestyle cast (TBD On tab), where he opted to change it primarily into a Video Game cast.  He asked if I saw it, din't know what he was talking about at first.  When he mentioned PS5 info, told him yeah.  Granted the Launch video for it with the bubbles & balls wan's keen on (TBD On Tab), though the games coming out sound awesome.
Granted Joe's gonna get it at launch, whereas I'm going to wait a bit since they're first off the line and I don't want to ensure the buggy ones are limited lol.

I have changed the Blog Page, I removed the News Page & will be combining it with the TBD On page.
Felt this will be easier since I Randomly (eyes shifting) work on the page.  What I want to set up is, is a section like I had during my original run of the TBD YouTube page when America's Most Wanted was on.
That as a "Cancer of the Week" or or more people who have done vile things to children and are on the run.

I did watch the 2o11 Simon Pegg/Nick Frost movie "Paul" on one of the movie sites.  Yes I have it on DVD, but since I happened to find it, thought I'd watch it for the Umpteenth time. lol.

Still remember Years ago before all the streaming sites, every time I happened upon the Abbot & Costello movie "The Time of Their Lives", I constantly came closer & closer to the beginning.  When I finally bought the VHS of the movie, found I was like 5-10 min from the beginning.









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