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Hello all, sitting here listening to Jason at West Coast on iVlog.

Sounding good as usual.

Has until the middle of this month or the next for he and Sassy's wedding.  Congrats.

Remembered this time that Today was the day I had close at Ehem.

Jackson grabbed the first floor for me, had to let a few out the mall entrance.

He told me how he caught of the Awesomeness that's Squid Game.

Still can't believe there are those wanting to Sue Netflix over it.

But of course there were those who Did Not want to do anything about the Pedo-Show Cuties, because they felt there was Nothing wrong with it. (Rolling eyes)

Had Firehouse's BBQ Cuban sub for a 2nd time, and it was Equally delish (tender slow-smoked pulled pork, freshly sliced Virginia honey ham, melted Swiss cheese, sweet & smoky chipotle, spicy pickle chips [leave off] and sweet mustard BBQ sauce on a toasted roll.

The gal in China had a B'load of X-Mas stuff to put out, so ever few minutes she or one of the other gals was bringing back boxes or trash for me to deal with.

Just waiting for the Final episode of What If to be posted. Awesome show. Still uncertain if I'll go see the latest 007 movie.  Not because to the hoopla behind, just because.  

Venom, Let There be Carnage was good.  Granted a Matinee move, and the Mid Cred scene was worth the $4 bux entrĂ©e fee at Eaton 6.

Shang-Chi I still was better.

Wednesday and Friday are my days off this week because Phil's on vacay.

Caught Bunzz's iVlog show last night, and yet again she had me rolling and losing my breath.

Hoping BMitch (Brian gets his OBS set up on his new laptop, wondering when Zoink's going to cast again.








NOV o5


A Greek-Canadian man invented the Hawaiian Pizza. 

Nothing can stop the man with the right mental attitude from achieving his goal, nothing on earth can help theman with the wrong mental attitude.