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Hey folks, just wanted to dot some stuff down.

Saw a Facebook Live video by the lovely Fran Cappo taking about how her book 'New York Myths & Legends' was at the Barnes & Nobel she was at, so she autographed a few.
She joked how it's a great book for kids when they go back to school. lol  

Nothing much exciting happened, just did the work thing & like normal had to wait for a million+ people to leave the Women's room so I could do the hourly checkup. 

Plus with one of the women's stalls they have a Low Flow one, so users Must assume if they Put More in it will create More pressure (Rolling eyes)

At least it wasn't like yesterday in the Men's handicap one, where someone left a tine log close to the wall.

Other than that all I did was looked for stuff to do and clean.  At one point helped one buddy take a table to the jewelry counter so they could display more.

Got a new Raising Cain's large cup (OU/OSU), did a Real Whovians in the Food Court during dinner (Free Refill from Cain's, main meal from Chick Fil A (watched a cool History story on the company).

Wanted to strangle a parent behind me when they started Dog Whistling their child when they Refused to listen and get back to the table (Get Back Here! said 2o million times.  It must have been the father who Steered him back).  Told Joe in FB message that's why I had the expression, he responded he suspected as much).

Then did a Halogen TV video for it.
I'm sorry, but I'm a believer If your child Does Not respond to your Calls by the 2nd yell, you GO GET THEM.  You do not Count.  
Good Lord I could not be a parent today.

DJ Junk's covering my shift at 3iV tonight, guessing the track he goes to must be still rained out, so I'll be covering his shift again on Sunday.

'IT Chapter 2' is looking like the Only movie I may be going to see in September.  Rambo looks good, but I'm apprehensions about it.
(Need to remember to updated the TBD B Movie tab)

It's on the Homepage, so watch it, and dive over to Chris Ramsay's channel and subscribe.

One of the good places for BBQ is Jim's Rib Haven, was hoping to have some when was there last, but did get to have a Maid Rite, so it turned out good either way.

I used to live there between 75-82 before more mom and he got divorced, plus during the Summer of 88 when I was 21.
Still wishing I knew what became of Lisa/Melissa two sisters I knew at the time.  I still kick myself for forgetting whether their last name was Nibles or Nobles. 

Need to remember to get back to  Gnarly Dawg sometime this week, meant to bring the menu with me today, but walked out the door without it (Damn it!)

Plus another reminder,  Betyljoos' 'Wishing Well' new CD's coming out Sept. 26. (Happy Happy Joy Joy dance)

Not to mention Laura Leighe's latest 'Wildfire' sounds AWESOME!!  Pick it up, plus  along with Tommy Spase & the Alchemists.

Did my Dynamic Sound & Music stint last night, went pretty good, ended up simulcasting on CamUp, got featured at least once before checking out.

Have no other plans just gonna chillax!

Friday Night Arcade did a video about wireless controllers for the Atari 26oo that came out during the day, but said how they felt not up to snuff for several reasons, plus how before the video game crash there was an Atari 27oo planned.  

Just wondering how far along the new version that's planned is coming along. 

Oh yeah, I wonder how Boston's First 'Straight Pride Parade went ROL.
The guy from 'No Bullshit said he was gonna attend.

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1970: Decca awards Bing Crosby  a 2nd platinum disk for selling 300 million.

The greatest accomplishment is never falling, but rising again after you fall.
(Vince Lombardi: June 11, 1913-Sept. 3, 197o

A second is Called a second because it is the 2nd division of the hour bu 6o, the 1st division being a minute. 

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