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Before 1983 if someone asked me about Doctor Who I'd probably think of the twin 60's Peter Cushing movies.

A year after movie to Oklahoma in '82, I switch on the local PBS station to catch "the Goodies" I was familiar with when living in IATom Baker's "Robot" was aired instead.

After assuming I turned on Too late, Too Early, etc.  Fast forward 3o something years and I'm still a fan.



My thoughts on Doctor Who currently is meh.

Jodie Whittaker & Chris Chibnall took over in 2o18 the series went from Good, to meh.

When the series returned in 2oo5 definitely had High hopes, with it being off the air for 16 years Series wise, 9 movie wise (1996 Fox Movie).

The main qualms I've had with the show from Series 2 onward has been the Constant Earth adventures at first, then the continual need to have a Modern day companion.

Granted, I understand during the First Series the Doctor needed each.

But by the 2nd Series the Doctor should have started extending himself Off of Earth a little more.

Series 3, equal amounts of Earth/Non-Earth adventures.

4th on see-sawing 2-3 more/less between the two.

I know it felt as if you got More episodes with the original set up as Serial form.  But with Exception of the 3rd Doctor who was Banished on Earth for much of his tenure, and was released when he saved his home in the Three Doctors.  But still, by the 4th Series they should have been see-sawing between Earth/non-Earth adventures by 2-3.

How dull is that you learn that the Doctor has the ability to travel through Time/Space and seeing New worlds and cultures but you tune in one week and it's:

"Oh, Look they're on Earth, Cool!"

Second week: Oh, Oh look they're on Earth-w/smirked face

Third week.  "North, South, East, West of their last location."

The constant need for a Modern day companion.  Yes, we want the audience to have a connection, but you can still do this no matter What the era the Companion's from.

I don't mean Temporally Displaced, but a companion from an era before the series return in o5.

If would be great to see a companion raised that the Future would be Star Wars/Star Trek, only to arrive and felt let down.

By the Third Companion they should have started delving into this.

Finally, pulling Companions, Enemies, Aliens they haven't yet used from the original, creating stories or cameos for 2 out those 3.

If they had done this leading up to the 5oth (which they could possibly still do for the 6oth). It may start drawing New interest into the show and the episodes wouldn't feel so lackluster and dull.

I realize a lot of the New Whovians feel the Old fans want a return to the Old style (i.e. Serial).  In fact I'm loving the One-Shots and the arks.

I mere feel if the show started doing the above ideas New vigor may start returning to the show.  

The other thing that Must be done is get writers and a Show  Runner who rally care about the show.  It's evident that Chibnall feels this just a Stepping Stone for him till his next project comes around.