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Before 1983 if someone asked me about Doctor Who I'd probably think of the twin 60's Peter Cushing movies.

A year after movie to Oklahoma in '82, I switch on the local PBS station to catch "the Goodies" I was familiar with when living in IATom Baker's "Robot" was aired instead.

After assuming I turned on Too late, Too Early, etc.  Fast forward 3o something years and I'm still a fan.


It's been reported that come the 60th Anniversary the first showrunner, & the man who brought Doctor Who back in o5 is returning.

None other than Russell T. Davis.

With the past series ups & downs between Chibnall & Whittaker, may within the Whovian community Refusing to be honest about the two staying, it was confirmed last month that RTD would be taking back the reigns. 

In a Radio Time article, it was said that Davis would be returning in the 60th, after Chibnall's reign coming to an end.

Tyler saying in the interview said how if the circumstances and stories were good, she would be willing.

Much of the disgust with Chibnall comes from his ending series episode "Timeless Children", where he Hints that Hartnell may not have been the First Doctor.  Which Blew up the internet, much like how Jodie becoming the First Female Doctor did.

Many are praying that with Davis' return, he will save the show, since Chris Chibnall always kept things SO Close to the vest that Fanzines were forced to post everything from Big Finish updates, to Pre-Chibnall cast & crew are doing or was still around. Chibnall was So Closed Fisted that even Merch for the show dried up.

I know I've said this in the past, but the show Truly needs to do much to regain the Trust of Whovians.  Plus improve the show.  This was even during Davis & Moffat's era.

1: Less Earth adventures (1-2/3 more than each other)

The whole part of Doctor Who was it was about Lone Ranger-esque character who comes into town, cleans up the town, & leaves with little to no fanfare or Thanks.

2: Get away from the Modern-day Companion.  I realize the companion is supposed to be the view, but Just like the Constant Earth adventures, Modern-day companions have gotten old.  Even if it's the 2nd companion, I would welcome it.

3: Take Companions, Aliens, Villains who have not yet been used yet (Movellians are counted) from the original series and use 2 out of those 3 each series.

If this is done, this could save the show for another 50+ years.

But until his return, all we can do is speculate on all that's going to happen with show that debuted in 1969, then returned back in 2oo5, after the 96 Fox movie.