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Granted, I have my reservations about Jodie Whittaker becoming

the Next Doctor.  Just like Any change to one's Favorite TV show.

And granted there it does have to do with her being a Woman.  But!

All those Screaming Hashtag Feminism.  Are wanting Ignore the Hurtles 

and Potholes that are/will Spring up.  

I have said from the start these are the pitfalls She and the Showrunner 

Chris Chibnall will Have to overcome to Ensure Doctor Who Remains on 


IF the season or the show is not received well:

1: The Lions Share of the complaints Won't be because of the Writes/Actors/Directors.


2: Knowing it & Proving it will be two different things.  But, There will be those who will Accuse the Writers/Directors of MISWRITING/DIRECTING Jodie to Prove that a Woman Should Not be the Doctor.

3: They alleviated my 3rd fear 2x over.  

I always said the Doctor WILL have to have a Male companion if they Continue to write the Doctor as if they Dive into trouble Full Throttle.

Because there will be those Quano Disturbers who will want to CLAIM the BBC/Doctor Who is Promoting Violence towards women.

4: Just like above.  There will be those Roaching out of the proverbial woodworks claiming: "GUESSING #13 WAS BAD LUCK FOR DOCTOR WHO. HU HU HU!

5: Granted this may be the what Doctor Who needs to Jump start it back into success (below are others).

But I simply feel that they should have waited till the 14th on Doctor until taking this route.

Coming off of Moffat's LOVELY ERA (Sarcasm. You're Soaking In It).  I would feel better knowing the Ratings were better as a coushion or buffer in case the season wasn't received well.

These are a handfull My conserns None are addressing.



Since Doctor Who returned in 2oo5 the series had Reintroduced New fans to a Classic Sci-Fi show.

But sadly the show has begun to slump, falling into the same safe 

(Trailer top of Page)

The BBC has released their Series 11 Teaser.

In it we see Ryan Sinlair (Tosin Cole), seated in watching the World Cup on his phone while eating.

A minor quake, Time Slows then some sort of Temporal vapor appears around his face, then he Glimpses Someone walking out the establishment.

Next Yasmin Khan (Mandip Gill) is eating pizza with friens the same quake and vapor appears around her face too, only to find the Empty pizza box is Now full, & yet again only Glimpsing someone leaving through the appartment door.

The final clip is of Graham (Bradley Walsh) sitting in another a bar or deli listening to the tv that's playing throughout.  The same Temporal Vapor appears about his face and catches a glimps of someone leaving.  But now is holding a different tabloid.

Finally we see Jodie Whittaker walking towards the camera surounded by the very Temporal Vapor that had been effecting the Main characters smiling in her outfit.

Have to say Not bad.

The the way they linked all via the Same news report was quite good.

Plus how they all suffered the same Temporal Vapor energy which the 13th Doctor would eventually Ghost her way from was a good touch.

Not to mention how they All would glimps her in a manner which imply they Know of her in differing ways.

All in all, have to say I'm still curious and wanting to see how Whittacker does.

The Radio Times in their latest issue they chat with the Latest Doctor along with a handfull of set photos. Mandip stating in the article Jodie has the same energy and drive as Matt Smith.

Plus how the Beano magazine was the Same 80's issue which Matt Smith read in the "Rings of Akhten" to observe Clare Oswald's parents.

This a decent trailer, they introduce the characters, but Just like the reveal back in 2o17 it's lackluster.

Show this teaser trailer to your friends without telling them what it's

from & see what their reply is. 

With the amount of money they're receiving from China to keep it on the air till 2o23 or so, you would THINK the BBC & Chibnall would spend a BIT more Moola in Grabbing all of us.  Particularly the New Whovians.  But right now, I need another Trailer.  This preview is just Not grabbing me.

Chris Chibnall chats with Entertainment Weekly about his decison to make the iconic Doctor a Woman.

Claiming the Time was simply right.

Quoting the New Showrunner Chibnall:  [“I think if the show hadn’t done it, we would have been behind the world, and Doctor Who has got to be out front leading the world, and being a great example of all the amazing things that are in the world. So, it wasn’t even a question in my mind.”]

Within are set photos and an interview with the 13th Doctor Jodie Whittaker.

She also goes on to say the two words she's trying keep the Doctor constantly say are "Brilliant".  Which we heard at the end of the "Twice Upon a Time", and Ace.

Sophie Aldred 


The New Season 11 Trailer will be dropping afer or during the World Cup.

(For More Doctor Who info 

see Real Whovians below)





Whovian fans have something to be excited about.  

38 years after a strike at the BBC shut down production on the Douglas Adams and and many other stories. 

Shada is coming to digital download November 24 in time for Doctor Who's 54th Anniversary, and December 4th for Blue-Ray/DVD.

The last  update of the Douglas Adam's classic was when Paul McGann (8th Doctor/96 Movie) and Lalla Ward (2nd Romana/the Vampire Circus)  voiced the Big Finish audio, then then adapted to a Flash Animated in 2oo3.

So many Whovians will be psyched (Namely Yours Truly), when we'll get to see the original voiced and done by many of the Original actors.

Tom Baker the 4th Doctor narrated the Missing parts to the 1979 episode when it came to video.  But having a Fully restored version shall make all Old and New Whovians feel revealed.







The Three Mariners

When the Doctor is drawn into the Three Mariners, an antique emporium shop, he and the it's owner are besieged by a Hauntly Beauty and other manifestations.

An ancient jeewel within the shop may hold the secret to the woman's Fate & Identity.

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