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PART 1-12


When they run like this, so often it’s because of out of date tags.’ the Police officer in the passenger seat craning their head enough to be seen by the cameraman from the local TV station, as their radio squawks out the general Police information.

But in this case, we lucked out,’ adding as the Squad car that had called it in initially was hastily nearing their bumper. ‘The description of the car thief matches the man whose part of a Snatch and Scrap group that’s been quite elusive for the past three-four months.’ the driver nodding about Four.

Street light after Stop sign zipping past the perusing Squad Car’s wind shield, the cameraman making certain they capture everything, even though the Police Car was equipped with a dash-cam.

The cameraman wished they could have waited for their Reporter Co-Worker, but they were hoping they were in the vehicle behind them.

Whoa-Whoa-What the hell!’ shot from the driver’s mouth when a golden streak of light shot heavenward.

This is 2-4-0 Adam we have a 10-29h,’ (Caution - severe hazard potential) the golden light soon ceasing. ‘with a possible 11-41.’ (An ambulance is needed) slowly pulling up to the scene witnessing near the middle of the road was a stumbling brown haired man in his mid to late 40’s with a goatee, wearing a dark colored jacket opened revealing a white collared shirt that too had seen better day along with equally dark lightly pleated pants, from their vantage point he appeared to be wavering between the color of the car that struck him along with several colored waves of some sort.

Dispatch we have a 10-51,’ (Subject is drunk). ‘But no visible transformer down or ac-cident’ everyone looking at each other wondering what could have caused the light show they had seen.

‘Sir, Sir please stay where you are, an ambulance is on the way.’ one of the officers from the squad car following holding their hands up to halt the man who was clearly disorient-tated.

Whether it was from being struck by the stolen car, alcohol or both they had no clue, as Reporter soon comes into the cameraman’s camera POV.

Did you see what caused the light?’ the auburn-haired woman asking her cameraman when she was passing into view.

No, we saw the same thing as you did.’ ambulance wine nearing.

Steven, Ya-Yasmine?’ the oddly clad man looking in their direction. ‘I-I thought I left you-agreed to remain behind to act as mediator between the Elders and Savages?’ unclear who amongst the band of Police, Cameraman and Reporter this man was talking to.

Sir plea-’ the same officer rushing over just as this man doubles over, all in camera view looking to each other utterly confusion with the ambulance heard behind them all.

Handful of a flock of Black Birds flying into camera view.


sir, sir do you know who you are and where you’re at?” the man blinking his eyes to an Asian nurse.

The Doctor.” rubbing his somewhat sore right side. “Where am I?” the nurse motioning for him to remain lying down, as two officers one of them from the pursuit came into the room.

“Now that he’s awake can we perform a breathalyzer?” even in the Doctor’s semi-bemused state, one of the officers seemed off to him.

Breathalyzer?” realizing what the said. “But I wasn’t drinking.” all but one of the cops looking at him, and catching the hint of a faint melodious earwig?

“Then who is Steven and Yasmine,” the tall black cop folding his arms. “why were you stumbling in the middle of the road?”

“What making House Calls?” the nurse playing on the fact he called himself a doctor.

“No, I just arrived here,” trying to peer under the cap of the other officer. “I was struck by converging Temporal Waves,” mentally recalling the neon bluish Temporal wave from Sir Charles Grover/Professor Whittaker’s Operation Golden; a golden colored Temporal wave along with a purplish one.

At that point the doctor on call came into the room and was handed the man in the bed’s chart. “We ever find out his name?” the 40sih looking man with sandy hair asking; the Doctor catching the faint melodious earwig yet again; craning his attention between the party at his bedside.

“He says he’s a doctor.”

“No, I said I am the Doctor.” looking between the doctor on call and the capped cop.

“Who’s this Steven and Yasmine persons, your nurses, fellow physicians?” laughter from all but the still capped officer.

Steven Taylor was my companion when meeting the Elders and Savages.” taken aback some by the second name.

“Now the second name,” appearing to be fighting to recollect. “It sounds-feels familiar, but-” not understanding why he was seeing an Indian woman, African American and middle-aged Caucasian men glinting in-out of his memory as if a dream or splintered mirror.

Wondering at the same time whether the Temporal waves he saw in the TARDIS could be to blame.

The nurse catching two black birds seated at the window, thinking it was funny how they appeared to be following the conversation or watching one of the others in the room.

What is your name?” the Doctor was asked yet again by the officer without a police hat on.

“I said, the Doctor.” starting to wonder why the others in the room were seemingly oblivious of the melodious sound. Almost like a combination of Wind Chimes, window blowing through cracks, and some sort of random tinkling.

If it was a combination of trash/rubbish scent and rattling he would swear someone was wearing an Anubis/Hades Rose. Which in turn would mean the Terran Gods were here or on their way. But none were.

“That is a type, not a name.” the cop with the cap adding their two cents to the mix. Their accent seemingly off in the verbiage and rhythm of certain words. And yet again none noticing?

Rolling their eyes, the main cop glared at the man in the bed. “We can charge with pub-lic drunkenness,” waving their hand to the Doctor’s continuous protests of not being drunk. “Granted you were hit by a car we were pursuing, if need be we could also charge you with abstention.” observing the man rearing back, propping his head up with his arms. “You didn’t see a flash of light as if a Transformer went down?” the Doctor shook his head.

“What I do recall is a red Skyline or Mustang hitting me shortly after arriving.” the Doctor wondering whether the twin Black Birds were watching the cop who refuses to remove their cap.

“Why aren’t you asking about that?” shifting his attention between the group.


Pulling into a scrap yard, the red Skyline soon slows, and comes to a stop before a tall man wearing overalls looking none to pleased. “…e Hell!” the driver making out soon as the loud music ends at the same time the engine rumbles to off.

“It still pulls to the right when reaching 85.” the Asian woman face being sandwiched by long red bangs on the side, purple down the center; then the back was jaggedly bleached white.

Who the,” the overall man using as many profanities they could muster from the ‘4 Letter Handbook’ as she removed her Aviators. “Xabin’s gonna shit!” seeing the side of the car where she struck the Doctor.

“He’s always los…” leaning back through the passenger side to grab the Aviator cap from the glovebox. “ it, what’s the difference?” even though they had to agree, this was not her car either.

Who-what did you hit?” seeing the fragment of dark cloth hanging on by a wing and prayer.

“Hit?” flapping the cap open, walking to the side they were staring at.

“It wasn’t a pole, otherwise Xabin would be leaving your ass to bleed out.” telling she did not know.

Each’s attention drawn towards the flock of Black Birds swooping in on the side of Xabin’s office. Only followed by a tall dark figured that resembled someone in a trench coat.

“You did not ever see the man in the Blue Box,” something about Xabin felt off, as if he was not… “when you mowed him down.” came from the figure.


Blue Box, man?” smacking his hand against the damage, leaning to down leering at the Asian woman.

Do not mistake me for an idiot Hu-woman.

“I know what all you are doing at all times.” both yet to find the cameras Xabin has hid.

“He was struck when being chased by the police.” the man in overalls craning an eye in her direction. “Who is at this moment being questioned by Police.” each feeling Xabin was not telling them everything.

Yes, the police were chasing me, but I don’t recall hitting anyone.” the Asian woman doing all she could do not to slap the shit out of either of the two.

“We cannot afford to be found right now.” the Asian woman repeating how ‘He’ was the one, which was only met by Xabin’s glare. “We cannot afford to be found right now,” his hand feeling like a hundred talons when shoving her against the car by her shoulder. “if you cause us to be caught I will personally make certain you die first.” the Asian woman’s eyes widened more due to something she alone was privy to.

Fix it.” Xabin dropping the keys into the man in overall’s hand walking away, after the Asian woman reluctantly gave them up.

“Do no-don’t screw him,” eyes following him. “Sid talked back to him,” the Asian woman never saw the man show fear before. “he looks like Vultures got after him. He refuses to talk or come out of his house.” recalling how the windows reminded him of someone prepping for a hurricane.

Dawning her Aviator cap, the Asian woman soon seen in the mirror spinning, walking away as the man in the overalls drove the car away to be repaired. Trying to shake the fridge feeling of what Sid looked like when he last saw him. And why one lone Black Bird never seemed to move from an adjacent fence?


The Doctor did not know whether he wore his visitors down or they felt they had other things to do, but they left leaving him to his senses. His mind was still finding it quite peculiar no one questioned why the one officer refused to remove their Officer’s hat. Not mention the equally peculiar melodic tinkling that earwigged throughout his mind.

But ether way, he laid in bed wondering why quick glimpse of people he never met raced though his head.

Adventures where he met the likes of Rosa Parks, the Stenza, mud monsters and King James?

Looking over at the coat hooked across from him, maybe he should have inquired if he had a rainbow striped shirt.

Kerblam, why would I go there?” brows furling.


The teen girl did not care how those about her felt she was brave, she was growing tired of the countless follow up check ups she had to endure since going through Chemo.

The only two that made it the least bit tolerable was the Asian nurse Veronica and Sponsor Nate, a Marine who both kid him for resembling an 80’s Don Johnson.

Erin only started after the Asian nurse showed her a picture of the very actor from Mimi Vice.

Nate after the fourth or fifth time being ribbed, had a fellow Marine come in with him dressed like their Mimi Vice characters. It was that officer who presented her with a plush alli-gator named of all things. ‘Elvis’.

The teen girl’s family was still in Cuba and could not make the trip with her because their papers were said to be faked. Even though they were not.

Nate was working hard with the Marine who came in as Tubbs to fix the very problem.

Nate had an odd feeling, glancing over he saw the 40ish man who the cops had brought in under the suspicion of being struck by a vehicle while intoxicated leaning against the doorframe.

Tracing his line of sight, Nate found it to be falling upon the Police Officer with their cap on, who was seated on one of the many chairs. “Something wrong?” Nate sniped. “You’re not one of those: ‘The Police are the Enemy’ are you.” sounding more matter of fact.

“Hm,” breaking the Doctor from his deep thought. “Oh, no. I just find it peculiar none of you are questioning why the Officer has not removed their cap all the time they’ve been here.” the very officer’s eyes soon falling upon the Doctor and Nate.

Looking in their direction, Nate realized at that moment this man was right. But still was willing to take it as common place. “You sobered up I see.” Veronica calls.

“Was never drunk, though the effects of my Regeneration have lease settled down.” see-

ing how that cocked the capped officer’s head enough.

Whatever you want to call it Friend,” Nate slipping him the Ok symbol along with a wink. “to make you feel better, go ahead.” the Doctor squinting his eyes hoping this would allow him to see past this officer shielded features.

The Doctor could not wonder what this officer could want, surely they were not after him. Granted he has done an array of things to warrant his Arrest or questioning, but even his own people had their limits and understandings.

This one is merely hanging around like a… “Scout.” bleats the Doctor, yet again scan-ning, only spotting the same twin black birds as before out one of the windows on a car.

Thumb itching his mustache, then rub itching the patch just under his lower lip he was surprised to find he was wearing one.


“What?” the Doctor finding him literally blocking him.

“You finally remember your name?” repeating looking none too pleased he was even at the doorway.

“Yes, it’s the Doctor, and you are?” Nate stepping yet again in his line of sight.

“That is a title,” clearly none to amused with his reply. “either tell me your na-” twin fingers finding the Marine’s collarbone in a flash freezing him.

Venusian aikido, hadn’t used it in quite some time.” Nate only able to observe the man walk around him, keeping the twin fingers well planted. “And yes, that is my name.” the teen girl and Veronica each demanding the release Nate.

No sooner than the peculiar officer vanished through exit doors, the Doctor released Nate who was none to pleased. “You better thanking whatever God-” the Doctor waving Nate’s threats off, strolling towards the same very exit doors, leaving them all staring at one another, and Veronica checking Nate’s collar bone.

Yo, we are not done!” observing the black birds craning their heads between the two of them?

Who are you,” the Doctor turning sideways as if prepping for a dual. “we both know you are not what you claim to be.” halting the officer.

Hey!” the Doctor waving Nate off like an annoying mosquito. “No one attacks me like that!” observing the officer smiling at him.

No sooner than Nate grasped the Doctor’s shoulder, he found his own wrist grabbed, spun till he was lying on the ground. “Tell me what you see.” the Doctor not even looking down at him.

“You are braking my arm.” in all his Service days he never had someone pull these kinds of moves on him.

The cop,” Nate grimacing. “focus on the cop.” uncertain if it was the insane man forcing his attention towards the officer, or he was freely craning his head towards the officer walking away.

What the hell!” hearing the Doctor repeating the inquiry concerning what what he saw.

“He-he’s floating?” shaking his head thinking he must be hallucinating, or this recovering alcoholic slipped him something when they jabbed his collarbone.

What do you hear?” grimacing, trying to fight off this insane man, anger welling up within his eyes towards this man claiming to be a doctor.

What?” twin Orderlies freeing Nate from this insane man’s grasp.

What do-did you hear?” taking Nate off guard for a second, not understand why this man was smiling at him.

Get him out of here!” Veronica pointing in some random direction.

What’s the tune?” Veronica inquiring having been the one to accompany the orderlies.

Pardon?” Nate not even realizing what she said at first.

“The song,” observing the Doctor being carted away without any problems. “what is that song your humming and whistling?” Nate did not even realize he was doing either, each realiz- ing the cop had long gone


Shoving the Doctor into an isolation room with none to care, the Doctor heard the door soon locking. “Looks like I’m gonna be here for a while.” opting for the floor.

“Now, why am I here?” the Doctor eyes closed, tapping a rhythmic beat with his index fingers. “Why do I have memories of those named Graham, Ryan and Yasmin.” slow faint breaths, mind shifting back to the TARDIS monitor showing the three Temporal Waves.

Last thing the Doctor recalling was him dematerializing having dealt with a glass-esk race, along with the Captain and meeting his First Incarnation.

Reaching for the console to get a better view of the odd waves, then found himself outside the TARDIS on some random road and being struck by a red vehicle?

Shifting his eyes under his lids, they soon open to find the Asian woman and the physician who came to see his chart before him. “Oh, hello.” smiling at them.

What is your problem?” the nurse snipes. “You attack one man and still refuse to tell us your name.” one of the orderlies that had shoved him into the room nearby.

“You know what I find peculiar,” attention shifting towards the door. “why I wasn’t restrained before being put in this lovely suite,” mockery all too telling. “And why the same officer with the cap is standing at the door.” the physician craning his head seeing…

“There is no one there.” the Doctor smiling, eyes shifting towards their true location behind the nurse.

“Still, why keep the cap on I wonder?” itching just under his nose’s left nostril.

What is your name,” throwing up a hand. “You’re real nom de guerre, not de Dis-sociation name you wanna keep givin.” the Doctor unable to maintain a straight face.

“What’s so funny?” the nurse shouts.

“I was just thinking those same words,” eyes slowly reopening. “In that same manner.” almost barely audible due to his snorts and laughs, falling upon the officer, leaving the Doctor to wonder why.

“You will not be allowed out of this room until you’re willing to cooperate.”

“What are your names, since you’re so eager to learn mine.” realizing neither had badges.

They merely looked at each other, scoffed and left.

“Still here.” sounding matter of fact, the melodious tune wavering from high to low.

“You certainly are a curious cuss, aren’t you?” the officer keeping his distance while the orderly paces before him.

“If you do not tell us your name,” the Doctor’s brow crooking upwards. “you shall stay here for a long time.”

What’s your name?” the orderly looking blankly. “I just find it odd that all personal in this hospital don’t believe in wearing name badges.” shifting his attention between the orderly and the officer. “Afraid your hypnotism won’t be as effective if they have their name to con-centrate on?” orderly leaning down staring him in the face.

Who are you?”

The Doctor grinning, the Doctor kicking the shin of the orderly as hard as he could, watching them explode into ash. “Puppetry takes a lot out of these Humans, doesn’t it.” craning towards the so-called officer who was grasping their head.

“By the way, I’m the Doctor you should leave this colony a-lone.” the cop’s eyes shifting between solo purples to… Multi ones.

Why do you conceal who you are?” the cop seemingly circling him like a predator to prey.

“What are you doing on this world?” the Doctor standing there, arms folded behind his back.

“My intentions here are none of your concern.” observing how the Doctor’s brow crooked.

“Spoken like someone with something to hide,” pausing to his right. “What species are you?” the Doctor ever shifting eyes.

“How did you come to be here?” the cop asks, while the Doctor got the feeling he was stalling.

The Doctor thumbing the lower left of his lip. “Deceptive much?” unconsciously scanning where they were, realizing the cop was staying out of view of the twin black birds.

“You do not dictate to me.” the Doctor thinking interesting narrative; his right arm coming to rest on his folded left one; index finger coming to rest up on his nose, thumb and middle his cheek and chin. Eyes narrowing.

No, but I am immune to your hypno-babble,” gesturing with the very right hand. “Which tells me the psionic signal can be counter acted by the either the orange smile or cinnamon stick I had earlier.” trying to gage what he knows about this alien from the people he’s taken over.

Do not play me the fool.” the Doctor commenting mid-sentence he would not dream to.

“You came here by some means; Transmat, Portal what could it be?” the Doctor spinning with the cop.

““You’re afraid of something.” the Doctor lifting his head a smidge.  “But what could that be?” tapping his nose, after repositioning his arms like before where one bridge the other.

             “Tony and Tia speculated the same thing,” the Doctor recognizing the twin alien siblings his Fourth Incarnation aided.  “which was why it was so easy for Dr. Victor Gannon,” the aca-demic hack.  “and Letha Wedge,” psychopathic, hypocritical social path. “to gain control of Tony when I planted the notion they need to go on their vacation.” the Doctor nodding, eyes still shifting.


            “You didn’t have anything to do with Midwich incident, did you?” rolling his eyes spotting Nate and Veronica yet again arriving.


            “What in the hell is it with you and this Officer!” Veronica the first to state the obvious.

“Are you trying to coerce him not to arrest you,” Nate checking on the officer to ensure the Doctor had not done anything. “or add to your record?” the Doctor watching the birds.

“Probably the same thing you have with me.” the Doctor quips, wondering what the connection between the birds and the officer could be.

“They are just trying to do their job,” Veronica getting in the Doctor’s face. “they don't need some Cry-Victim just because they called someone on their shit.”

‘Wouldn’t it be nice to know why he’s being evasive?” the Doctor grinning, Nate harshly interrupting that he was one to talk. Plus, for the Doctor to get off it.

You were the one who claimed to he is floating.” repeating Nate’s own words.

“When you did that martial arts,” wiggling his fingers.  “you slipped me something.”

the Doctor rolling his eyes.

  Nate would have jabbed him with a finger, if he didn't feel this imbecile wouldn't perform the same martial arts trick as before.

Leave him alone!” Veronica sternly, unclear if she meant the cop or Nate.

The Doctor wavering his eyes between his new guests, the cop and the birds.

“You heard her.” Nate steadfast between he and the officer.


Rolling up to her apartment on her Harley, the Asian woman couldn’t shake the feeling she was being followed since leaving Xabin’s.

There it was, one of those black birds they saw fly in prior the SOB confronted her.

Double barreling the bird (flipping it off), she checks the mailbox under the carport as the thing comes to rest upon one the third car down.

Bill, bill, Coupon-King,” she somehow got on their mailing list for local coupons. She would cancel, but she’s found random good ones. “junk.” making certain the middle finger was always present in some manner pulling each item from her box.

Hearing a rush of air, the Asian woman goes down hard when the black bird shot straight at her.

Smacking against the car next to her before finding herself crumpled between the car and curb, the damn bird respectively divebombing her while she laid funny on the pavement.

Get the…” cursing while she did all she could to swat the thing. “away from me!” the damn thing apparently having a mind of its own. “I said get the…” not knowing how she prized her aviator cap off, she happened to nick the bird with one swat.

Eyes widening with the sound of a gunshot echoing through the parking lot, the Asian woman could feel blood dribbling down the side of her face, then the black bird flailing giving out the most hellacious scream she could ever imagine.

Brushing the bird off her, quivering as if she stepped on a slug or in dog poop, she looks over to see tall gentleman in a weathered dirty duster; a red hoody covering his head and a skull bandana covering his face. He had turned his face to shield his eyes before she had gotten a good enough look at him.

The Winchester her savior slipped back into their back holster appeared to be quite old.

“Um, thank you.” kicking the bird.

“I heard the car alarm, thought you were attempting to steal the car,” her mouth could only drop. “Then saw the crazy bird.” the Asian woman thanking him again.

“You pissed off the wrong person Kae.” (kA) her mysterious savior’s final words turning to enter his apartment.

“I’m La-” halting her with a raised hand before bringing the door to, Laurel looks back where the bird should have been, it was now nothing more than a purple puddle that resembled nothing of having been… A bird.

Pounding at the man’s door she knew she was at risk of being shot. “Hey!” but she had to know what her savior meant by his words. “Open your fuckin door and talk to me!” she de-mands.

“You were warned once, walk away.” words quite threatening through the door.

“Do you know Xabin!” she yells back, no reply. “Is Xabin familiar to you!” pounding in rhythm of her words.

Still quiet, not even the sound of someone moving about could be made out. “I’m not leaving till you talk to me Goddamn it!” feeling having been chased, attacked, finally mistaken for a carjacker was owed answers concerning his hints concerning Xabin.

“You ow-” before she knew it the door flew open, she was pulled inside to a bare living room with drawn shades.

“Kae,” (kA) Laurel could not cease staring at the figure before her, trying to correct her name, the figure halting her again. “Xabin is the wrong person to cross.” Winchester nowhere on his back; both the duster and hoody no longer on. But mostly the bandana no longer con-cealing his face… reveling….


The officer doubling over, slamming their fist into the nearest wall screeching in the most unholy of cries. Veronica was not the only one who felt her blood run. Cold.

Nate was left staring at the same image he had seen prior, not of a figure floating as he assumed before, but having a torso seated upon two legs facing forwards, another facing back-wards.

Veronica didn’t know how she managed to sidestep this creature, only to have Nate get bum rushed by it, but Doctor spun like a well-timed Matador, the creature narrowly slammed into the wall, if it hadn’t used one of his four feet and elbow to cushion the blow.

Who are you!” the creature glaring at the Doctor. “Did the Consortium send you!” the Doctor well familiar with them.

“Now we’re getting somewhere.” The Doctor recognizing that name all too well.

Veronica checking on Nate, each asking ‘Consortium’?

“Are you on their Ban-Ban list?” the Doctor assuming he had said ‘Band’ instead of ‘Ban’ with how promptly he replied.

“If Banzai never did discover we were honestly backing the inhabitants of Planet 10,” the Doctor left to wonder which ‘Planet 10’, since he knew a slew of them. “You shall never discov- er why we are here!” Nate and Veronica left awestruck over what they just saw, the creature de-parting practically galloping away.

“If only I could remember where I left my TARDIS.” the Doctor thumping his head. “Banzai?” the Doctor repeating either Nate’s or Veronica’s inquiry about who was that.

Scraping some graying flesh from the cracked wall with some random item he had found, the Doctor turns examining it. If his Sonic Screwdriver wasn’t burnt out from his battle with the Cybermen, he would have used its Diagnostic setting to tell him more.

“You two don’t know anyone known as Graham O’Brian, Ryan Sinclair or Yasmin Khan, do you?” their faces still flashing though his mind’s eye, both shaking their heads, hardly believing this man merely shook off the attack of what could only be described as a monster of alien as it were common place.

Tim Shaw, Epzo, no?” heads shaking still in shock. “What about Angstrom?” same reply with silent shakes of heads. Nate’s attention still on the exit the creature took.

“Hm, Ok.”

“Doctor, what the hell!” Veronica asks.

Pausing at the door leading down to one of many Examination Rooms. “That’s what I’d like to know.” chuckling seeing the picture of a cat hanging from a branch with the caption: HANG IN THERE. Ignoring the fact, they finally called him ‘Doctor’.


Where is the Dorian?” Xabin steading himself, feeling as if one of his right ribs had been shattered.

Dialing easing the tension upon the four-legged creature with a baboon torso, trunkless elephant face alien.

They were easing their torture up two notches at a time, until something severed their link to one of their many spies, forcing his hand to increase the tension.

Where is your co-pilot?” trying hard to remain in control of the other spies throughout town.

When the alien hadn’t answered, Xabin’s desires he returned to stretching the alien. Knowing the pilot and co-pilot share some sort of Bio-Matric cohesion, knowing all too well its partner would feel the pain too.


Running test upon test upon the skin fragment left behind by their mysterious alien, the Doctor distracted some by the whereabouts of his TARDIS along with memories of a Time Line he wished he could explain.

“You act like that’s normal for you.” Nate trying to get the stiffness from where he was smacked, each not knowing if they’ll ever get that scream to cease earwigging.

Whatever it was, has noting on the Daleks or the Master, Missy.” grimacing his face. “whatever he wants to call himself.” holding the slide up to the ceiling light.

“The microscope would help you.” Veronica shaking her head.

“If I wanted a microscopic view yes,” the Doctor turning it. “But I’m more interested in finding out where our friend came from.” squinting to make out the finer things, Nate wondering if this guy even was intelligent to know to add 2+2, due to having the slide half way from his face.

“Bring it closer dumbass.” Nate couldn’t resist any longer.

“Then the light wouldn’t activate what I want it to activate.” under a bit and barely moving lips.

“Tell me, that cop why didn’t you question the harmonics the cop was giving off?” Veronica cocking her head back at the man performing the test oddly.

Harmonics?” swiping the slide from him, sliding it into the nearest microscope.

There, trust me you’ll get the same results and look a hella lot intelligent.” shaking her head.

“You were humming some tune Nate,” Veronica reminding. “Like now.” one eye shifting towards him, while he unconsciously found himself tapping and humming the twinkling sound.

Hm, what?” the Doctor questioning Veronica weather this was the same tune, but she recalled no tune in her head. “Some races use sound to blind and shield.” feeling he saw better the other way.`

Leaning down after Veronica had moved from looking the peculiar blood, the Doctor slid

the slide back and forth hoping to catch something he missed when having the slide held high.

But it appeared the same. The same octagonal crystallin hemoglobin snaking their way

through and around flatworm platelets of gray, brick red and tan.

“You called me Doctor.” commenting rearing up feeling impressed.

Planet 10, Planet 10 which one could it be?” the Doctor thumbing a dry patch on his right cheek.

Who’s Banzai?” Nate trying figure out why that name sounded familiar.

“There’s a tree called the Banzai.” Veronica relaying knowing her Dad got her one.

“That’s not same tune Nate.” Veronica hearing him singing ‘I never will again; When you walked out on me; In walked old misery; And he's been here since then

“Even UNIT’s labs would be sufici-

Skylines did that song.” the Doctor catching the lyrics.

Buckaroo Banzai.” Nate shouted, wondering why he kept thinking of one of their con-certs after some incident with things resembling Boars and someone named Dr. Nytreid (nI-trEd).

He simply assumed it was a publicity stunt

The Doctor remembering how Nyssa wasn’t all too impressed by him.

“The Consortium,” the Doctor remembering from one of their conversations. “that could be any aliens from Delta Blue to Astral Green.” Nate and Veronica wondering whether this man wasn’t one of the escaped mental patients from two weeks ago. They knew three were still un-counted for.

One even claiming having witnessed rolling Porcupines devouring a family.

Sorry, but Delta what, Astral huh?” Nate being tossed the the nearest fire extinguisher by Veronica when the slide began to smolder.

“The reason why I didn’t wanna to use the microscope.” the Doctor scolding. Withholding having seen slivers of orange when having it up to the ceiling lights.

Everyone out!” the smoke and fumes solidifying plus causing the suppressant to spark. Soon the fizzing mass resembling shaving cream in the air.

Slamming the door behind them, the sparkler, spinning mass formed about the glass, coming to resemble the shaving cream residue found in sinks.

Astral Green,” escaped the Doctor’s lips leaving the two even more confused. “meaning five High Risk enough for the Consortium to watch.”

“What bat shit crazy crap are you talking about?” escaping Veronica’s lips before she knew it.

Mal Kin Ru,” (məl kIn roo). “Cira Cisx,” (sear sisks), the Doctor having to say the name five-six times before he felt he was saying it right. “and the Duva,” (doo-vuh).

Each trying to get the Doctor to make sense, but unclear if he was telling them to hush with his random fingers or was attempting to figure his spasmatic thoughts.

At one moment he appeared to resemble a frantic Priest attempting bless them or what-ever he was facing.

Crushed gas and,” snapping his fingers, Nate stating you couldn’t crush gas.

Nibratal.” (nI-bri-təl) not realizing the Doctor was telling the Future form of gasoline.

Tapping his lips with his right thumb. “soured milk.” accompanying finger snaps.

“Which leaves one Race.” Veronica and Nate confused, assuming he wanted them to tell him of the very Race.

Cira Cisx.” the Doctor smiling, Nate giving him the ‘OK’ sign turning into crazy circl-ing finger with his middle finger. “The natural enemy of Stenza.

Another link to the people caught in my head.” fingers coming to rest upon his right brow.

Who are these people?” the Doctor trying to understand why these people were so important. Plus, why they’re caught in his memory.

Granted Vicki helped Rosa Parks up after being shoved to the ground and he’s forgotten how many times he encountered spiders.

“Are you certain you never met anyone named Graham O’Brian, Ryan Sinclair or Yasmin Khan?” hating how these memories are shifting around without any connection.

What angered him more is how he has no idea where his TARDIS is.

“We have more pressing issues!” Veronica astonished this man’s wanting to forget what he just got them pretty much into.

The shaving ooze remnants continually smear down the glass of the room they had just escaped from.

“Why is there smoke co-” Veronica cutting off as she and the Doctor go flying across the air from a what sounded like a depressurizing room.

Nate yelling in horror flashing back to when an IED struck the caravan he was in years ago, the sound of shattering glass one of many things echoing within his ears.

Rushing to check Veronica, he laid a hand on the Doctor’s check to see whether he was alive. Brows furling, when he realized he happened to lay his hand on his right opposed to the left side of the Doctor’s chest.

“That’s not Veronica.” the Doctor groans.

Bullshit!” slapping smacking the Doctor had against the chest.

Coughing. “She’s over there.” the Doctor using the wall to ease himself up, only find Nate suddenly pinning him against the very wall with his forearm.

“I don’t know who the fuck you are,” the sound of crackling increasing. “But you betrayed us all.” the Doctor utterly confused when repeating ‘Us?’

“You were supposed to be keep an eye open for any in the Incursion!” pressing harder.

Seeing his eyes, the Doctor knew all too well Nate was no longer at…Home.

Coughing he struggled to move but found himself well pinned. “Nate!” Veronica shouts from where she landed. “Let him go!” knowing the Doctor `wasn’t her biggest fan, if he killed him. “Snap out of it!” she knew how he would feel.

Veronica groaning, coughing pulling herself towards the two, before she could the Doctor watches her drop to the floor by some invisible means. “I’m sorry.” curling up as if to protect herself.

“I’ve had time to think about what you did…” Nate practically drooling.

“I swear I won’t do it again.” peering from behind her arms.

“…your actions that day…” looking at Veronica as if he did not even recognize her.

“I know, I-I’m sorry, please don’t hit me!” she cries, doing her best to protect herself from an invisible aggressor, the Doctor confused at the scene before him.

All day you were too eager to…” seeing her morph into an advancing… Insurgent brandishing an Assault Riffle pointing straight at him.


You ow-” before she knew it the door flew open, life flashing before her eyes, assuming the occupant still had the old-fashioned Winchester when she was pulled within to a bare living room with drawn flowing shades, telling her this stranger had his windows open.

Kae,” (kA) Laurel attempting to correct him, but was halted by a hand. “No, I don’t wish the Dayn,” (dAn), Laurel telling in his voice he was struggling as it was, when asking what he meant. “to come back and exploit you.” Laurel could not cease staring at the figure near the kitchen using its fist to support itself against the wall.

“Either way, Xabin is the wrong person to cross.” Winchester nowhere on its back.

Who is- who-what are you?” what appeared to be a Gypsy Horse with strands of rat tails of cobalt, mercury and crimson amongst the other strands of hair or what should have been their white and gold main, both the duster and hoody no longer or bandana concealing his-its features.

Craning his graying face towards the Asian woman. “I am Awi Ezgi, and I’m a Dorian.” (əwI eshz-gE).

“You’re who and what?” Laurel shaking her head utterly confused.

“My Race the Dorian are considered as Muses,” the figure before halting her yet again in her attempts at relaying her name. “Be lucky you are seeing one of us past 30.” Awi shaking his head, wondering whether he was unconsciously attempting to gain sympathy for the reason why there are barely any who live past the very age.

What in the hell are ya talking about!” Laurel shouts at the creature before her.

Swallowing hard Awi composes himself while looking right at her. “To answer your question, Xabin’s a Forthcomer,” (forth-cOm-er). “basically, middle men for finding slaves for the Kufarians.” (ku-fair-I-ans-plural). All what this strange alien was telling her was pretty much. Alien.

“You’re not makin’ any sense.” reaching out when he started to stumble. But it was because he happened to catch his foot wrong in the rug.

“What’s not making sense is what is your planet doing in the wrong Constellation.”

“Sorry?” Laurel watching Awi using a pen light to display all the constellations near Earth.

Unless, this is a Holding Cell, but where would the Forthcomers get the technology?”

Holding Cell?” Laurel feeling either she was drugged. “Did you slip me something? “or this was some sort of practical joke.

“Because even you,” coming to hover over her. “If I understand your Race right,” Laurel’s face dropping, readying herself for some slur. “You should be in Japan or China.” if he was reading this woman’s Race correctly.

“Are you getting this because I’m dressed from the 2nd World War era?”

“No, be-”

Holy shit, when was the last time you or yer race was on Earth?” fearing she was an-swering her own question, and hardly believing she as subscribing to the theory.

1943, that was the latest signal we received.” some expletive muffed behind Laurel’s shaking palming her face. “I and two others set off to find out what happened after…” hand flashing, pressing her against the wall, finger hushing her.

Each seeing the bird shadow... flapping against… the… window…shade…


God’o! Please I-I’m sorry. I don’t mean tke-” whimpering-crying her words merging randomly, the Doctor’s attention drawn towards the sparking ooze, that seemed to spark, sputter and smoke the crazier Nate and Veronica got.

“And now,” the Doctor starting to question the reality of his surroundings since no secur-ity or orderlies have shown themselves. “you try and keep me distracted!” let alone other physi-cians since the ooze exploded practically through the door.

“Nate, concentrate on Veronica!” the Doctor scowling, squinting hoping of pinning down what she could be going through.

“I’ll do more than concentrate on what you did Dutch!” rearing his fist back, drool and spittle dripping and flying.

O’please don’t-” her mannerism suddenly changed as she reached for some random misplaced object.

Veronica!” the Doctor yelled as loud as he could, Nate blinking several times breaking from his trance when pulling his white knuckled fist back after pounding-smacking the wall next to Doctor’s head.

Nate releasing the Doctor who bends rubbing his throat, Nate having dropped to all fours, it was all he could do to keep from throwing up with all his swallowing.

Wearily Nate glances through half-mast eyes, witnessing Veronica raising the random waiting room magazine in both hands towards. Empty air.

I said stop!” she screams as loud as she could, her arms and body apparently reacting some unseen recoil.

veronca!” Nate musters, barely able to keep the nauseous ness from muting him.

Veronica!” the Doctor somewhat hoarse due to being strangled, shaking the visons of that other life free.

Craning her attention in their direction, the magazine sways with her. “You will not hurt me again I swear it!” her nose crinkling as the magazine recoils again and again.

The Doctor eyeing how the ooze sparked-snapped?

“Nate keep your mind focused on Veronica,” seeing he was stating to slip back into his trance. “Nothing else.” Nate not knowing if he could, due to how his head was pounding atop the overwhelming nausea.

Nate,” the Doctor yelling down at him, pointing at Veronica who was aiming the magazine at them yet again. “Veronica, keep talking to her and focus only on her.” Nate swallowing, nodding his head feeling as if twin vices were battling. One Within, the other without.

Tapping his lips with a finger, the Doctor could make out the faint scent of burnt Cauliflower and plastic had begun polluting the air.

Since the fire extinguisher compounded their situation, he knew not try that idea again. Soon thumbing his brow between his eyes. “Ahh!” the Doctor spotting an over turned bottle of water, rushing over he promptly snatched it up and somehow tossed it behind his back just right when tripping over his feet, knocking the wind out of himself when landing.

The cap having been lose on the bottle, it plopped just right into the ooze where it began to convulse.

Security, orderlies and others rushing in, hearing the Doctor moan “Do…n’t if know if the ooze is safe.” Coughing, rolling to rise from his flamboyant move.

The ooze seemingly turning blue as if it were suffocating. Was it the water or plastic from the bottle the Doctor pondered?

Orderlies immediately moving towards the Doctor, it was few seconds before all realized Nate’s shaking head was for them to stand down. One of the orderlies and physicians helping him, only having them to see to Veronica’s aid.

“We were blocked by some soft heated air down the hall.” the Doctor overhead one of the orderlies stating to Nate.

Security staying near the Doctor, his actions earlier still on the forefront of their minds.

Heated air?” the Doctor responding, thinking he didn’t think the ooze could have gotten that far.

Quiet.” the nearest orderly shaking the Doctor.

“Tell me, what country are you from?” the Doctor suddenly realizing the differences between the personal in the room.

Ukraine.” The one who shook him responded, the Doctor finding it even more inter-esting that he was starting to have Déjà vu between when he encountered the War Lords, the fellow Time Lord the War Chief as well as Styre when he, Sarah and Harry landed on Earth to recon it for the survivors of Nerva.

“You’re from somewhere from the Southern most tip of South Africa,” nodding towards the nurse looking over Nate. “From your accent,” the Doctor’s eyes followed around to the sandy-blonde orderly. “Maine.”

“And our odd one out.” leaning his head back towards the six foot Native American.

What do you mean?” shoving his head forward.

“Oh, you resemble Sioux or Meskwaki, but you carry yourself more like you’re from Lalla.” (lu-lA), the nurse who had been treating Nate, moving to assist the physician treating Veronica.

“There is no country called that.” the one from Maine snapped.

“I didn’t say he was from Earth.” the Doctor grinned. “But the way you were offended by how I tilted my head back.” the Doctor smiling when the Native American come to face him, and he could see him for his height and glory. “You’re not from Alfura either.” (al-fur-uh).


Where is Laurel!” Xabin finding Thomas the man from before adding up the cost of the damage Laurel had done to the very car.

“She’s not due back till-” Thomas feeling as if a thousand or more talons had spiked his shoulder, when Xabin slammed his face down into the table.

“I did not ask when she was coming back, I asked you where she was!” pulling his bloodied, annoyed face back from the table.

Don’t know.” rolling his shoulder, thinking why he just didn’t use one of his million mystery cameras to find her.

Squeezing deeper into the spot. “I saw she was scheduled to come back at five.” Thomas grimacing surprised he didn’t break his teeth from how hard he was clenching them.

“You two have a rapport,” forcing him back into the chair he was in. “So, you two seem to read each other like a book.” Thomas knowing Xabin could tell he had long since tired of that rumor.

“We are not seeing each other asshole!” Xabin’s deep breath sounding like birds cack-ling.

Feeling twin talon-esk fingers against his Adam’s Apple. “You will get her to bring the Dorian in,” knowing he knew nothing of the Alien he spoke of. “Or you will find yourself just like your friend Sid did before I found him at an unappropriated time.” leaving it there, so is to sink into Thomas’ head, making it quite apparent why he hadn’t been able reach his old friend for the past … few… days.

Xabin left Thomas to mull over what he had said. His gut churning thinking of all the times he threw the Mystery of Sid BS or how he and Laurel were a couple in his face.

If he was trying to goad him or ambush him into what he wanted, while his eyes shifted, it was all Thomas could do to keep from killing him. Hand wavering between the twin places his pointing fingers jabbed him.

Trying Sid’s number once again, all he got was how his voice mail was full, he should try again later. Thomas’ face reddening by the minute. Blood boiling, Thomas stood, turned to find a black bird setting on Skyline. Watching him.


Observing Thomas’s actions, Xabin’s curvy grin shielded within the dark cloak, enjoying how he plays with his prey.

Hearing four chimes, Xabin turns his attention to an octagonal view screen just to his right where a Fringe-Eared Oryx with a broad forehead giving it the appearance of antlers stairs back.
Have you found the secondary pilot?’ the face orders.


There was a landing in the West Sector, any updates on that?’ Xabin hating dealing with middlemen.

“The owner of the vessel is currently held up in the Med-.”

Have you assessed Threat level.’ matter of fact voice sounding more condescending.

“At present none, though he has had several ru-”

You are to go there,’ Xabin seconds from protesting. ‘Do Not send a spy, that this is personally,’ shutting him off. ‘Kuraian Tactical out.’ all the face said cutting him off, Xabin smacking the button to his left sending his Cira Cisx prisoner into frenzied spasms from their snarky comment about who was the… True Slave.

“It’s your faces they all see,” Xabin not even craning his eyes nor face in their direction when making for the door. “not mine.” knowing his prisoner knew all too well what he was hinting upon.

Unclear whether his captor did not know or cared, but the Cira Cisx took the opportunity of finding their arm free.

Pausing at an octagonal pad on the floor with an interstate shield sign shape for the control console, Xabin grins tapping in the co-ordinates for the Med-Center.

“Laurel, our lovely friend Xabin’s is headed to some Medical center to deal with the man you hit.” Thomas stepping from under an archway similar to the control panel, shortly after Xabin vanishing within a quad-helix pattern.

Looking the panel over, Thomas itching his temple. “I don’t know what, confused and awe powering his words. “he’s got planned,” randomly tapping the air as if trying to tap out some code. “but you can at least do something.” looking the pad, Thomas taps out the same numbers on his phone shortly before tapping them out on the very pad hating leaving voice mails.


Remaining as still as possible, Awi knelt on the floor while Laurel watches as the bird shadow flutters against the blinds.

Easing his way towards his weapon, Awi motions for Laurel to move slowly towards the front door. Both hoping, praying the bird doesn’t find its way in.

The blinds felt deafening with how this bird was flapping against it.

Laurel rolled her eyes thinking ‘Not Now!’ hand flying to where her phone was, thinking it was still had it on loud instead of buzz.

“Did you not hear me,” Awi recognizing the voice belonging to one of the fathers in complex. “That thing is not to be played with until that room is cleared!” snatching the bird-like toy from the blind.

Hearing a loud sigh from outside. “You better hope that he’s not at home.” the father snarled, cursing voice fading with distance.

Laurel shooting a look towards the horse alien. Had they not known what he looked like before? Crossing her mind.

Awi overserving his neighbor moving off, what Laurel did not know, was that his neighbor resembled a gorilla with an oblong head. Running horizontally on each side from the temples up were three off-white stripes two inches in width, three in length. Random neon green to brick red dots made out a pattern of their rank. Their squid eyes alone gave the sense they looked right through you without a care in the world. Not to mention pure despise meant.

Awi wondered at times how many slaves happened to escape under the family member to this… Kufarian.

They’re gone.” Awi catching Laurel motioning a moment as she checked her voice mail.

What in the hell?” Laurel showing Awi the text, only so she could wonder even more how his neighbors would not know he was an alien. “Thomas is saying how,” shrugging. “Xabin stepped on some-some sort of pad and vanished.” Awi reading the hieroglyphics. “And said something about a medical center.” not 100% certain since he was wavering between his angry-fast to slow voice. “where the man I supposedly struck was at.”

Causing much of what he says to bleed together or left out.

“Is this your place of employment?” Awi peaking back out to make certain no one was about.

Nodding. “A scrapyard where we um,” uncertain how she could phrase cutting stolen vehicles apart for money any better. ‘Do repairs.’

The Kufarian observing how Laurel crooked her mouth from a secondary surveillance device their bird drone had dropped, and he is making like their child had been playing with it instead of doing chores.

Ever since his family member allowed several slaves escape five years ago, they have been here. Knowing taking their own lives for the transgression is common, then the families of those Kufarians are enslaved with same amount of rights as their slaves. But this one was determined to free themselves of said burden.

If a Kufarian is too cowardly to allow oneself to be excecated on the spot by the Commander of the Tribe, then the family too are killed. But this very rare.


The giant of a Native American glared at the Doctor. They all could hear his heaving breaths. “Then what am I.” hovering over him, eyes down cast the man he’d heard so much about.

Façade.” everyone in the room questioning the sanity of this man who wanted to change this tall seven foot Native American. “Which is making me wonder whether I’m actually on Earth.”

“You’re not going to refer to me in the derogatory.” sounding matter of fact, through gritted teeth.

“Those words are insulting,” the Doctor replied. “so, no.” the Doctor having bent his head back in the manner to test his theory whether their giant was in factuality from the very race.

“My main question other than where’s my TARDIS?” eyes shifting. “Why are all you people from differing spans are here?” realizing a handful were from Terrain colonies.

“What the hell happened here?” the nurse demanding from Nate’s side, who was stomach was still churning.

“Still trying to figure that out.” the Doctor knowing the scent was still heavy in the air, even after having opened a few windows.

The shaving scum taking the aspects of random wet spots on the floor about broken glass.

“Are you going to tell us who you are?” one of the orderlies adding, the Doctor spotting the Cira Cisx staring at them near one of the corners of the wall.

“So, you’re back.” the Doctor narrowing his sight upon the four-legged alien.

“Are you the reason for all these people here?” everyone searching trying to figure out who he was speaking to.

“All you have to do is state who you and how you got here.” the nurse from South Africa stating.

“You know this is getting quite annoying,” the Doctor’s harden breath quite audible. “you can talk to me, and not go through any of these people.” palming his shaking face.

“How did you get here?” the nurse adding.

The Doctor’s annoyed expression speaking volumes. “So you can leave this place.” feeling as if he was channeling his First Incarnation when asking.

Where are we?” the Doctor asking. “A question for a question.” the Doctor hoping his cleverness gains him some insight, his own tone quite irritated.

“You do not have authorization.” the Doctor pointing to himself shocked this alien would state such a reply.

“Then do you know who the hell are Graham, Ryan and Yaz?” having grown tired of this prison cell.

Who are you!” everyone started chiming in, Nate and Veronica rolling from their spots to swarm towards him.

The Doctor wondered whether this had to with the three Temporal Waves of neon blue, red and yellow plus purple.

Who are you, where did you come from?” one half stipulated. “How did you come to be here?” stipulated the other half.

“Oh yippy go skippy,” shifting his eyes towards the bald man in black overalls coming up behind the four legged creature. “we have a newcomer to the chorus.” the Doctor couldn’t help mocking.

What the hell!” Thomas craning between the man the mob was circling and the mob.

A dark cloaked figure watching from an adjacent hall, observes the band. Seemingly overjoyed their ploy of allowing Thomas seeing them tap out the controls was successful.


Awi and Laurel finding the very Transmat pad Xabin stepped upon which Thomas re-ported.

Laurel held Awi’s weapon all the while he looked it over to ensure Xabin had not booby-trapped the devise.

“It appears to be fine.” waving for her phone to tap out the code Thomas had sent her.

No!” Laurel screaming at him seeing Awi waving for her phone.

Dumbfounded, Awi slowly turns his attention from the Transmat Terminal confusingly. “Kae, why?” his own weapon now drawn upon him.

Cease calling me Kae,” Awi suddenly dropping to his knees from the butt of his weapon finding his jaw. “I have a name!” Awi yet again protesting, yet again reminding of the Dayn.

“Aw poor Dorian,” the Cira Cisx coming from their hiding spot. “Survived the testing grounds,” the Cira Cisx pilot proclaiming, their lips curled baring Pacu teeth. “Only to lose your life to your Papyrus.” identifying the ailment he suffers from.

Nodding their head, Laurel only able to stand there lying the barrel of Awi’s weapon to the back of his head after having smacked him yet again with the butt. “My name is Laurel!” she screamed at Awi, whereupon the Cira Cisx cackled.

Order them to stand down now!” Awi glaring at his neighbor who had backhanded the Cira Cisx with enough force to drop them to the ground.

Laurel immediately dropping Awi’s weapon, finding herself standing over him with no memory of how she came to be there.

Accompanying them now was a gorilla with an elongated head looking none too amused.

“This woman will make a fine addition to the Kufarian ranks.” the Cira Cisx gazing from their prone position, the Kufarian’s glare keeping what they knew about them. Quiet.

“Get over here and show me the proper respect for your Better!” thrusting a pointed finger towards his feet.

“You’re have as much clout here as that does.” Awi nodding at the Cira Cisx.

“I could have you killed on the spot.”

“Then do it.” Awi challenging the Kufarian knowing full well what would happen if they had.

Hand his weapon to the Sludge.” Laurel craning between Kufarian and Awi, who smiles and nodded for her to.

“Awi please no!” the Kufarian ordering the Cira Cisx to control her to do so with a look.

Hand me his weapon,” his heated glare towards the pilot angering him more. “Shoot the Dorian Sludge!” the Cira Cisx chuckles yet again.

Awi slowly rising, snatching the weapon from the floor where Laurel had dropped it, then lying the barrel to the Kurfarian’s chest. “You are as much a Sludge here as we are.” Awi handing the weapon to Laurel, nodding for her to pull the trigger, protesting louder; the Kufar-ian’s eyes and grunt stuttering with… a… CLICK!

“She couldn’t have killed me,” grinning. “The Bio-Lock was active.” snatching the riffle from her hands, he turned around and sent the Cira Cisx flying backwards off their feet.

So dramatic.” Awi chuckles thinking how the only thing he had loaded the weapon with was shells of salt and spices he had found around the empty apartment had commandeered.

“Now, stay out of the way.” Awi glaring at the Kurfarian, who watched them vanish within the same quad-helix pattern as Xabin had.

Soon as they were gone, the Kufarian flicked several other buttons whereupon the Transmat Terminal vanished, and an audible. ‘SELF DESTRUCTION’ countdown took. ‘OF THIS ENCAMPMENT WILL OCUR IN’ its…

The Kufarian maybe may be a Sludge, but the do know how to circumvent safety protocols.

… ‘5 GRAINS.’ place.


Appearing within a purplish-gray quad-helix Awi and Laurel find themselves standing in a standard waiting room. Those seated on chairs appeared plastic or even rubbery.

“They’re dead?” Laurel tapping one resembling a six-year-old child.

Leaning over to further examine the figures, Awi hated knowing Laurel’s name. He felt she would have been safer if the Cira Cisx hadn’t controlled her.

“Some sort of stasis.” voice shy and weak.

Awi knows the Kae and Dayn are merely Religious folk lore and myth to explain the ailment his race suffers. But it did not bring him any comfort nonetheless more.

“I am fine.” retracting her a hand from his back in a start.

“You’ve been shot!” wavering between her hand and his back.

Lowering his head. “N-no I’m fine.” embarrassed she had witness one of the symptoms of Papyrus. “Dorian’s excrete,” trying to explain more eloquently. “excess sweat,” not wishing to alarm her. “is just another property of Papyrus.” about the true nature of what was seeping from his back.

Hoping this would do for now. But feared she may suspect something due to his lower ing his head. “Why would they be in stasis?” her next question, trying hard not to embarrass him any father.

Non-used areas sh-” each hearing a shot echoing down a hallway, black birds rushing by with a seven-foot Native American meeting their gaze, holding some sort of four legged creature dangling from the ground; with a man in a graying goatee wearing a white collared shirt with the top button undone; black trousers that had seen better days as did the boots.

Was that Thomas peering from behind one of them?


“All you have to do is relay who you are.” the physician who had been checking over both Nate and Veronica repeated.

Only if you tell me yours.” the Doctor smiles.

“You are in no position to demand anything.” the Doctor pointing to himself surprised looking about himself.

“All I’m demanding is to kn-” his arms being grabbed from behind by the man from Main.

“I’m growing very tired of being touched, prodded and grabbed!” the Doctor snaps, the Façade steadying himself against a wall, feeling as if his stomach was going to burst.

“That shall end by,” the physician grinning. “relaying your name.” watching Nate gras-ping the lamp.

“How do you control all these people,” observing the Façade widening a hole within the wall with each thrown fist. “it must be taxing.” eyes shifting between the Nate and their South African.

Nate no!” the Doctor yelled struggling to free his arms with no avail, Nate’s wild spin disintegrated the good physician.

In that split instant Thomas’ mouth dropped in horror. He’d seen things in War and Peaceful times, but he could barely comprehend what he just saw.

You!” attention soon directed towards the dark figure.

Where are they!” the crowd soon focusing on… Xabin.

Dead if the Kurfarian has anything to do with it.” bursting into black birds after tossing a triangular device at the Cira Cisx’s feet.

In a flash, the man from Main comes to his senses, the pain in the Façade’s head easing, the Cira Cisx suddenly finding itself grasped by the throat, a lofted from its feet to meet the Façade’s angered gaze.

Don’t kill him.” the Doctor pleading, his hand being shirked off; Thomas could only watch mouth agape with Awi and Laurel merely trying to figure out what exactly was going on.

“Give me one reason why?” the Cira Cisx had head the Façade’s faces has always changed prior to killing its prey, but none had never seen it.

Lips. “A..e… y…u going to… l me…” furling, the Doctor yelling to stop, the halted slur midway from the Cira Cisx with a loud… resoundingSnap!

Face returning from its stalkless Eerie Anglerfish appearance, the Façade did not even look at the Doctor when dropping the alien prior to walking away.

Thomas!” Laurel overjoyed in seeing him.

What in the f-” Thomas trying hard to understand what he just saw.

“The Façade killed the,” the Doctor answering the obvious, turning their head left-right when examining the creature. “our only means of uncovering why we’re here.”

Whoa!” falling backwards when the body began dissolving into brick red sand. “Never knew they did that.”

“A Dorian!” the Doctor seeing Awi. “And one past 30 I’d reckon.” rolling up off the floor, with Awi nodding shyly.

“Can’t remember the last time I met a Dorian of your age before.

“But of course, I can’t remember where I landed my TARDIS,” itching his head. “after being hit by that car.” Thomas cocking a brow right at Laurel who was doing everything to be invisible at that moment.

“Not to mention these odd people like Graham, Ryan and Yaz.” still and catching quick glimpses of Rosa Parks, a Stenza, along with the Vajarians who appeared to be somewhere in India.

“You keep asking, but we have no clue who they are.” Veronica tending to Nate who was trying to cope with how the physician had exploded into dust and sand.

“This doesn’t appear to be a standard Kufrian Cell either.” everyone astonished how the Doctor could jump from scrap to another.

“It’s Ok Nate.” Veronica trying her best.

“H-he exploded.” trying hard to maintain some amount sanity.

“I did not even hit-hit him that hard.” Veronica lying a hand on his back.

“We would have learned a lot more if our Façade friend hadn’t murdered the Cira Cisx.” who snuffed at the Doctor.

Kufarians?” the South African repeated.

Sighing hard, wiping his face. “Yes, a race who feel others are subservient to them,” tap-ping the walls randomly. “That Jo’ki,” (hO-skə). “is their eyes and Middleman.”

Spinning. “No, that is the Forthcomers!” the Façade shaking his head towards the creature that he Honored Killed.

“Granted the Cira Cisx are in league with the Kufarians, but they’re only their,” trying to think of the best verbiage. “Crowd Control.” smirking.

“…nica, I’m not a murderer.” Nate’s eyes ablaze, she hugging him, assuring him she knew he wasn’t.

“Granted,” the Doctor re tapping a spot that sounded off. “the Jo’ki has everyone duped into thinking,” nodding, followed by wavering his eyes towards the spot he knocked.

The Façade relented, knocking a hole in the very spot the Doctor had been tapping. “In thinking they’re the Middleman and the on…es,” finding it odd he was watching a rear view of them all.

Wishing he could look through the hole at the same time as he was performing what he was doing. “Laurel is it?” recalling Thomas’ cries of joy. “Look through there and tell me what you see.”

“What’s going on?”

“Veronica and Nate hugging, she assuring him he’s not a killer.” she shrugging.

“Now you’re asking me what’s going on.”

“So, there’s some sort of Temporal Delay.” the Doctor’s eyes shifting from where Veronica and Nate are and the hole. “Distance maybe?” wondering whether since the hole was closer to them that’s why their conversation was registered first, strafing his index finger across his lips.

“Wait, there’s something behind them.” Laurel squinting to make out…

“The control room me and Awi came through, there’s another one of those things,” meaning Cira Cisx. “I hear a coun-”

Holy shit!” Laurel narrowly stumbling over the Main Orderly when the oblong gorilla headed alien with squid eyed alien looked at her.

“Your neighbor saw me.” Laurel finding Awi standing guard at the door the Façade.

The Doctor’s neck sounding like cracking spaghetti when shunting his head back in surprise. “Why does the monitor have the odd azure,” (A-zer) the Main orderly tapping his mouth with two fingers. “lines?” pointing how the Vertical Hold appeared to be on the frits.

The Façade, Awi and the Doctor almost in unison looking at the same time. “What color” Veronica cocking her head at the orderly, being the first to detect an odd clicking noise, followed by a scent of almonds and wet dog.

Azure” (A-zer) repeating.

Where are you from?” the Façade the first to reach the orderly.


“That’s in New Hampshire not Main.” Thomas pointing out, being told of family living on the boarder of the two states.

“I never said I was from this Main,” replying. “The Doctor said I was from there.” keep-ing with the accent.

Those that were around pointing out the Doctor’s mistake. “But there is no color called azure. (A-zer). Laurel replying, the orderly pointing to the gray stripe.

“Are you color blind?” Nate knowing an officer and a couple family members who were, in a sullen voice.

“No, that second strip is azure,” (A-zer). “the next is blice.” (blIs).

Starting to wonder whether the Telepathic Circuits of the TARDIS are being interrupted with how much everyone’s words were shifting.

Could any of this have to with how his memories are splintered on top of that?

Happening to look at the very TV monitor, the Doctor saw an image of three people he recognized of all too well.

Sir Charles Grover and Professor Whittaker battling over the controls to their Operation Golden Age Machine, along with his Third Incarnation who had to practically swim through the Temporal Under Toe when Whittaker attempted to activate it before that.

Soon after the two vanished, the screen went blank.

Surely their machine did not have enough force to knock him here?

Turning to the face the others, the screen lit up again for the briefest of moments.



Pulling itself up off the ground, the Cira Cisx was staring right at the Kufarian, still panting and trying to catch its breath.

“Don’t even try your mind controlling tricks with me.” the Kurfarian warning the creature.

“How bad was your Link’s offence that they stuck you here.” laughing. “Testing ground.” the Kufarian emitting a low residence growl from their throat at the Cira Cisx.

“You will obey your better!” the Kufarian snipes. “You will not speak to me in that way!” the Cira Cisx sluffing the Kufarian’s threat off, knowing they had zero weight.

“Destroying the Test Camp will not erase what your Link’s did.” reminding him. “All it will do-” suddenly realizing why the Kufarian was smiling and… Laughing.

“I was the only one in full view of the surveillance.” its grin widening. “At all-”

“Your grotesque kind should have been phased out centuries ago.”

“Yo-you were not sent here because of a Link, you-you are t-” trying to control the Kufarian, the Cira Cisx’s head jerks feeling great pain.

What Kufarian is best known for experimentations.” sounding matter of factly.

Backing itself against the corner having heard about the Kufarian who was responsible for the death of an entire planet, merely to find out if a race liked one brand over another.

“This experiment has come to its end.” the Cira Cisx had never felt this sort of fear be-fore. “I have found all that I need to know about this colony.” Cira Cisx trying its best to fight the block that this monster had done upon it.

“I’m so sorry the Northern Campus had vanished before I had a chance to experiment on them.” that grin. That hideous. veracious grin burning into the Cira Cisx’s mind.

It could not close its eyes. “And your kind shall always be linked to being our Forthcom-ers.” if there was anyone in earshot they would have heard the Cira Cisx’s screams… of… blood… curdling. Horror.


“What did you see again?” Thomas not knowing what to make of those about him.

Kufarian.” Awi replied. “From what I was able to gather,” dropping his weapon, his body suddenly becoming very cold. “gather he was-he was put he-” Laurel couldn’t understand why the Doctor halted her from comforting him.

“If you touch him,” surprised he didn’t break his teeth from how hard he was gritting them. “you’ll get burned.” Awi slamming his fist into the wall shouting: ‘NoQ, NoQ’ (nOk) respectively, glancing at her hand when she touched him before.

Head swaying towards them. “Dayn, you will not take me.” Laurel more than anyone horrified how Awi now saw them as the. Enemy.

Shaking both arms, the stagnant olive juice and old grease scent permeating the air, quite literally drizzling from his arms.

Awi it’s me!” Laurel shouts. “Stop!” tears streaming down her cheeks.

Dayn you shall not take me like you took those before me!” none knowing how he came in possession of his weapon, only that it was yet again within his hands swaying… between them all.

Nate all too aware PTSD, steps in front of the alien. “Friend don’t,” hands before him, still feeling somewhat sick to his stomach. “you don’t want to do this!” the Doctor shaking his head, not knowing why fractured images of Kerblam personal popped into his head along with their robots?

Happening to be in line of sight of the TV, what appeared to be the Speed Force energy of red/yellow zipping across the screen like random static?

“He’s suffering a seizure Nate.” the Doctor yells. “He’s dangerous at this stage!” knowing all too well how family and friends are embarrassed to even speak of what became of family members they have had to personally.

Put Down.



Craning his face towards Laurel. “Awi!” she shouts hoping to get through to him.

“Awi please it’s me!” the Façade knocking her away with one swipe of his arm, impres-sing even the Doctor had forgotten how strong they were.

Lips curling, drool pooling at his feet, incoherent noises sputtering from Awi, with the Façade drawing a Symitar dagger. “Stand down!” warning the Dorian.

“Awi come o-” charging them the Façade spin steps to Awi’s right cutting the charging, crazed Dorian in the bicep.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” the Façade knowing how Laurel felt about her friend.

Holy Sh-” the man the Doctor mistook was from Main managed before dropping to his knees.

In the rush of things, no one noticed how Awi had maneuvered himself to splicing the orderly the Doctor had mistaken for being from Main.

“He’s trying to force you to kill him.” the Doctor shaking his head, feeling his chest tighten, dropping to a single knee and hand.

Blinking, the next thing the Doctor saw was a corridor leading through a doorway.

Doctor!’ came a voice from an opposite doorway. ‘It’s right-’ screams of horror pollu-ting the air, Ryan resembling as if he and the air about him was. X-Rayed!

The air stank of ozone, while the corridor beyond was soon filled with a throbbing sound which soon gave way to twin lights, becoming multiples domes, sandwiching eye stalks.

Ushering everyone through the adjacent corridor, Graham aiding Yaz who he kept having to practically right her or drag her. Hearing a female voice stammering about how they should not have brought them here, they should have left the moment she saw the… Thal warning.

‘It killed him!’ Yaz could only repeat. ‘It-it just killed’m!’ barely able to talk, Graham keeping her as much on her feet as possible.

‘Doc, what did we do?’ Graham assuring Yaz he would be close, keeping his back to the doorframe watching the corridor, the Doctor hastily worked out computations on an oddly shaped dais, whishing the Orgron hadn’t snapped her Sonic Screwdriver.

She already felt bad that Ryan had been injured from the resulting explosion from her Sonic. It didn’t help much he was concealing it.

‘Doc something’s coming!’ were Graham’s last words watch the scene dissipate like frost on a window or mirror.

The next thing the Doctor knew, he was looking upon a great vista, hearing someone say: ‘Choose well.’ the Doctor soon saw Graham and Yaz kneeling with Graham protesting for her not to.

Behind each was some sort of three arms where each hand wielded a gun pointed at Graham’s head; Yaz’s face and her. ‘Roulette of Life Doctor.’ Graham saying choose him.

‘Davros forgot about his early experiments.’ the alien’s face seemed to be a mishmash of Thal and Kaled plus indigenous lifeforms.

One dies so two live.’ the face contorts. ‘That’s what Davros bread into us after being saved,’ into a grotesque. ‘from the Hand Minds.’ grin.


Looking over the bio-data, the lone Kufarian listens as the countdown furthers itself to its deadly crescendo.

Your kind shall always be known for being the Forthcomers.” the Cira Cisx still too overly frightened to move.

“His what?” the Kurfarian glancing at the screen seeing the mini-battle going on.

Scanning the other drop zones, the Kufarian soon came upon where this Doctor’s ship had landed.


“…et us out of this if you could find it?” the Façade wondering why the Dorian had not charged yet again.

Maybe.” shifting eyes back and forth as fast as he could to help him think, but coming to realize something far more…



Craning his face towards Laurel. “Awi!” she shouts hoping to get through to him.

“Awi please it’s me!” the Façade knocking her away with one swipe of his arm, impres-sing even the Doctor had forgotten how strong they were.

Lips curling, drool pooling at his feet, incoherent noises sputtering from Awi, with the Façade drawing a Symitar dagger. “Stand down!” warning the Dorian.

“Awi come o-” charging them the Façade spin steps to Awi’s right cutting the charging, crazed Dorian in the bicep.

“I don’t want to hurt you.” the Façade knowing how Laurel felt about her friend.

Holy Sh-” the man the Doctor mistook was from Main managed before dropping to his knees.

In the rush of things, no one noticed how Awi had maneuvered himself to splicing the orderly the Doctor had mistaken for being from Main.

“He’s trying to force you to kill him.” the Doctor shaking his head, feeling his chest tighten, dropping to a single knee and hand.

Blinking, the next thing the Doctor saw was a corridor leading through a doorway.

Doctor!’ came a voice from an opposite doorway. ‘It’s right-’ screams of horror pollu-ting the air, Ryan resembling as if he and the air about him was. X-Rayed!

The air stank of ozone, while the corridor beyond was soon filled with a throbbing sound which soon gave way to twin lights, becoming multiples domes, sandwiching eye stalks.

Ushering everyone through the adjacent corridor, Graham aiding Yaz who he kept having to practically right her or drag her. Hearing a female voice stammering about how they should not have brought them here, they should have left the moment she saw the… Thal warning.

‘It killed him!’ Yaz could only repeat. ‘It-it just killed’m!’ barely able to talk, Graham keeping her as much on her feet as possible.

‘Doc, what did we do?’ Graham assuring Yaz he would be close, keeping his back to the doorframe watching the corridor, the Doctor hastily worked out computations on an oddly shaped dais, whishing the Orgron hadn’t snapped her Sonic Screwdriver.

She already felt bad that Ryan had been injured from the resulting explosion from her Sonic. It didn’t help much he was concealing it.

‘Doc something’s coming!’ were Graham’s last words watch the scene dissipate like frost on a window or mirror.

The next thing the Doctor knew, he was looking upon a great vista, hearing someone say: ‘Choose well.’ the Doctor soon saw Graham and Yaz kneeling with Graham protesting for her not to.

Behind each was some sort of alien with three arms where each hand wielded a gun poin-ted at Graham’s head; Yaz’s face and her. ‘Roulette of Life Doctor.’ Graham saying choose him, he was dying anyway, hearing a woman’s voice stipulating how all life is precious, and they were not going to sacrifice one person merely to save themselves.

‘Davros forgot about his early experiments.’ the alien’s face seemed to be a mishmash of Thal and Kaled plus indigenous lifeforms.

One dies so two live.’ the face contorts. ‘That’s what Davros bread into us after being saved,’ into a grotesque. ‘from the Hand Minds.’ grin.


Looking over the bio-data, the lone Kufarian listens as the countdown furthers itself to its deadly crescendo.

Your kind shall always be known for being the Forthcomers.” the Cira Cisx still too overly frightened to move.

“His what?” the Kurfarian glancing at the screen seeing the mini-battle going on.

Scanning the other drop zones, the Kufarian soon came upon where this Doctor’s ship had landed.


“…et us out of this if you could find it?” the Façade wondering why the Dorian had not charged yet again.

“Could it be that its aliment made it forget?” Thomas trying to add his two cents into the conversation.

“Dorians always force others to kill them when they get to this stage.” the Façade doing their best to remain between those about him and the Dorian, while Laurel tried in vain to get through to him.

“The Doctor’s still struck in his trance.” Veronica lying a hand on his shoulder.

The Façade gruff with his grunt. “Useless, even he was…

‘…a woman.’ the three-armed alien staring straight the Doctor.

‘Decide Doctor.’ Graham shaking his head reasserting that he was dying so choose him.

All life is precious I am not going to sacrif-”

Without a word Graham twisted when rising. ‘Graham NO!” arms outstretched like a protective mother…

“Who the hell is Graham!” Veronica shouts from the floor where she fell back on her ass when the Doctor rose in a start.

“I could not care less!” the Façade snipes remaining between everyone, Laurel continuing her attempts to get through to Awi. “This Dorian’s is more of a concern!” craning their attention between it and the Doctor.

Is it now?” the Doctor rubbing his sore temples, Vero. “And the welfare and where-abouts our friend from South Africa aint?” helping Veronica up after he rose, everyone noticing the discrepancy in members.

Where did he go?” Thomas asking, someone else commenting how they never saw them leave.

“Ask our Façade friend.” the Doctor coming to stand before him, all attempting to halt him with no avail.

“How long exactly has the Dorian been pacing?” the group and the Façade telling him he should get out of the way.

“A couple a minutes.” Nate knowing this guy was nuts, but not this nuts.

Partially biting his tongue. “Yeah, No.” the Doctor grasping the Façade’s arm forcing him to throw it, screams of horror echoing.

Driving the Façade to the ground with a spin kick, then the same Venusian Aikido he pulled on Nate.

Kev Maliar!” (kAv mə-lI-A-r) the Dorian screams from a four-inch gash tearing through shoulder, before the knife hit the wall.

“That’s another thing I remember about Façade.” Nate moving towards the shark eyed mule with white and blue ram’s horn tattoos about their face. “They don’t go for without help” the Doctor telling Nate to restrain the creature. “Plus if need be your kind use those from the Compass Consortium

“Where’s the Awi!” the Doctor was beaten by Laurel in that question.

“Don’t ask a question you already know the answer to.” grinning craning his head enough to show the Dorian mane, looking at the Doctor.

Pinning the creature to wall with his forearm. “If he’s not going to answer maybe you will.” the Doctor gazing about feeling something was honestly wrong with what he was witness-sing.

“The East Compass lose the ability to speak for 24 hours after morphing.” the Doctor’s attention falling upon the TV when returning his attention back upon the Façade.

There on the monitor was a picture of Steve Rogers gazing down upon.

“The Mad Titan, WHAT!” eyes furling. Though there was no sound, the Doctor could read lips.

You should have gone for the head.’ moments before snapping his fingers.



Female face reflecting in one of the monitors on the console. Seeing the three faint Temporal Waves of neon blue, reddish-yellow and purple; female hands hastily fly over button after button attempting to materialize from the Temporal Vortex before they struck the TARDIS.

An eye widens with TARDIS reflecting within, three faint waves encroach upon the blue box, the ground approaching upon as promptly as well.

Unclear which of the tri-colored ribbons struck the TARDIS first, all they knew was the interior was aflame.

Brows furling are they seeing shadow silhouettes within the inferno prior to the TARDIS… blinking… Out!