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It all started with one woman.  

Solely known as “the Sexy Kitty

The group was made up of pretty much seven people.

Sexy Kitty, no one really knows the woman’s name.  Some have hazard to guess names such Penelope Pepita, Pedra, or even Pitina.  All that is certain, was she was the last person to see a wealthy philanthropist, before his death.  Whether it was because of a natural or unnatural heart attack, hasn’t been ruled out.  Only that she’s being sought, and the good Marshal keeps missing her.

The Duck was a model from the old Add inspiration Nothin’ but the Best, Nothin’ but the ‘the Duck’. 

He was shown in various situations half the time surrounded by attractive women in his always laid back style and sunglasses.  He’s pretty much a Jack-Duck of all Trades.

Next up are the bear known as Han and his German Shepard Seeing Eye Dog, Chey.  Yes his parent’s were “Star Wars” fans, and name him after their favorite character.  Han Solo.  When Han lost his eyesight years ago, the Duck got him a German Shepard who was named Chey.

Whether this was the dog’s name outright, or was named by either of them is unknown.

With his also laid back attitude, Han has been know to be the Duck’s Bodyguard and constant friend for countless years.  The one about Han is he never allows his blindness to get the best of him, and tells anyone he’s that.  

Where and how they met is not quite certain, there are many tales.  All revolving the country of India around the ‘1930’s’.  But Han has been known to drink anyone under the table.

Jake B.swiped Jim Backus’ Thurston Howell III Captains hat from a “Gillian’s Island” tour.  He’s been known to steal things right under the nose of people when they were watching him closely.

But at the same time be as kind hearted and generous.  Most of the times when with money that’s not even his.  He’s been know to known to carry around a box of pencils, that he munches on when he gets overly nervous.

He’s been known to travel with a hot chocolate drinking snowman known as...

Cooler the long time buddy of Jake B.  He gained the taste for hot chocolate several years ago, and has tried every version out there.

Cooler’s past has been hinted to being a burned out University Professor; the last of the Big Game Hunters; to even maybe the founder of some unknown corporation.

What is known, is he’s never to be in need of money. 

Near Sight is the binocular toting frog, who lost his glasses during a trek through Egypt, and the stogie chomping, fowl mouthed squirral, Nick was the one who nicknamed him, after the only thing the frog could find to help him around was binoculars.

Near Sight has been able to hold his own in any fights.

Nick, the fowl mouthed, cigar chomping squirrel has one basic attitude.  “F***” Non-Smoking.  He even went as far as making a sign proclaiming such, and picketing any restaurants or other places that wish to have a ban on smoking.

He’s also the same person who taught the Sexy Kitty’s parrot all the lovely words from the “4 Letter Handbook”.  And many combinations one would think wouldn’t, couldn’t nor shouldn’t have been come up with. 

Marshal Adobe, he’s the cacti who’s in search of the Latina-?-Hispanic, Spanish woman.

He’s one of the old time, take no gruff Marshals.

Viktoriya, is from the former USSR.  She joined the Sexy Kitty party when Nick and Near Sight ran into the Kola when visiting one the many Ice Bars in Russia.

Whether she’s being sought by the Avenger ‘Black Widow’ cannot be confirmed nor denied.

All is known, is she’s always in search of fun.

Mr. Iedikein, the Victorian clad, pumpkin faced gentleman who’s rumored to be the man behind the revolutionary transferring program called ‘the Patch’.

The way it works, is if one is in sight of one of the routing boxes, and hears a phone, all they have to do is say: ‘Patch’ or ‘Connect’, and that phone call will be routed to a Blue Tooth device they’re connected to.

Iediken In’s logo could be mistaken for the letter ‘H’, due to it’s twin Roman Numeral One’s, with a hyphen between them, which are gold.  And are in the center of an Eye.  Iedikein Inc is consid- ered the ‘Gold’ standard when it comes to these kind of routing systems, which remind people Star Trek’s com system.

It’s unclear whether he’s wearing a mask to remain anonymous, or it’s his actual features.

But he does enjoy his pipe.

PI Denton Mac

Having been brought in to aid in the investigation of the death of the wealthy socialite, who the woman with the alias ‘Sexy Kitty’ is suspected of murdering, Denton was in the middle of investigating the mysterious Ghost Bullet incident at a public school, which killed a young girl brandishing a weapon, when he got the call.

Many times he can be seen in the company of a woman from the Crimson Hyde named Nar’Krәä.  

Her appearance is varies from those who see her, but roughly 6’2” with turquoise or cobalt green skin; only true facial features are insect eyes giving her the appearance of horns due to how they slope upwards near her temples; her hair appears to be nothing but fiberoptic cables that change color due to her mood.

Four fingers due to missing the ring finger on her left, and combined index/middle finger on right.  It’s unclear whether she has secondary shoulder spikes resembling twin spider legs exiting from her shoulder blades, due to she’s known to wearing an obi, concealing most her appearance due to her religion.

Either way he and many others who know her, know not to piss her, due to any who look upon her finding themselves losing time.

No one knows what prevents shapeshifting races from copying her race , but they always make the same mistake again and again, which is how fakes can be recognized.  Her race.  Veshz Liesk.

Special Agent Juni Capcer.

Having lost her leg while stationed in Iraq, Juni assist with Navel cases with a special flair, and can handle anyone who wishes to get nasty or overly sexual.

Particularly agent Tony DiNozzo, when he happened to catch an E-Mail to fellow partner Tim McGee about the woman. McGee and Ziva each claimed she’s a truly ‘Foxy’ woman.

When he had his hopes all set up, Agent Capcer shows up to drop off her report to Gibbs.

Due to the socialite was a retired Navel Captain, after being busted down because of a sealed file, Agent Capcer was given the job.

She’s aided sometimes by Abbs, Agent Seeley Booth, along with random members from the 70’s detective group Kids from C.A.P.E.R. (P.T., Bugs, Doomsday, Doc, and Kurt Klinsing-er).  Now known simply C.A.P.E.R. Inc. with an ever randomized roster, but two or three of the regular members are there for various reasons.

Frank the Elvis Presley impersonating Polar Bear.  He does various others.  Tom Jones, all the Fab 4, Old Blue Eyes Sinatra and Dean Martin.  But his favorite and most memorable is the King himself.

Frank got involved in the search Sexy Kitty, when she happened to pose with him after a gig.

Bastian, the Silver Back gorilla who protects regions of the Amazonia Rain from poachers, War Lords etc with the aid of his Samurai sword, and modified Musket handgun.

No one knows where he came from, but all know he’s one, one does not cross.

One Slave Trader attempted to capture three children to add their roster.  Bastian gutted one; decapitated the second; the last severed his hand, and blew his knee out from behind.  This one was the messenger.

There have been numerous theories how Bastian came about.  One Neogenix from an unknown lab somewhere in Mexico, and Bastian was so difficult to contain they shipped him to the Amazon.  

An other he was the result some mutation, and some claim he’s from an alternate Time Line similar to the Planet of the Apes, or world of the same.

One Marshal Adobe’s leads was connected to a War Lord who had a run in with the Silver Back with an attitude.

Seishirou and Eriko, brother and sister.  Seishrirou resembling an Orange Pipe Mud Dauber, is the eldest by 10 minutes, and is a Horror Movie fan, who's written  articles for such magazines such as Horror Hound, Rue Morgue along with his array of blogs.

His twin sister Eriko who resembles a  Cuckoo Bee, is of all things a female comedian, as well as a professional photographer.  With each trading off doing Weddings on the side.

Seishirou and Eriko met Sexy Kitty while at a Horror Fan Show in California.  Seishirou happen to wed four of the fan goers, as Eriko happened to catch the mysterious woman in several shots, she doing their Wedding Album.

Eirko claimed Seishirou spoke with the woman, when at one booth.  But he doesn't recall.