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It all started with one woman,

Solely known as “Sexy Kitty

The group was made up of pretty much eight people.

Sexy Kitty, no one really knows the woman’s real name. Some have hazard to guess such names as Penelope, Pepita Pedra, or even Pitina. All that is certain, 

was she was the last person to see a wealthy philanthropist before his death. 

Weather it was because of a natural or unnatural heart attack hasn’t been ruled out. Only that she’s being sought, and the good Marshal keeps missing her.

The Duck was a model for the old add inspiration: Nothin’ but the Best, Nothin’ but the Duck.

He was shown in various situations half the time surrounded by attractive wo-men in his always laidback style and sunglasses. He’s pretty much a Jack-Duck of all Trades.

Next up is the bear known as Han and his German Shepard Seeing Eye, Dog Chey. (Yes, his parents wereStar Wars’ fans and named him after their favorite character, Han Solo). When Han lost his eyesight years ago, the Duck got him a German Shepard who was named Chey.

Whether this was the dog’s name outright or was named by either is unknown.

With his always laidback demeanor, Han has been the Duck’s body-guard and constant friend for countless years. The one thing about Han is he never allows his blindness to get the better of him and tells anyone that.

Where and how they met is not quite certain, there are many tales, all revolving the country of India around the ‘1930s’. But Han has been known to spin a good yarn while drinking those under the table at times. And that’s also when the tale has been spun.

Jake B. is the beaver who is said to have swiped Jim Backus’ Thurston Howell III captain’s hat from a ‘Gilligan’s Island’ tour. He’s been known to steal things right under the  very nose of people when they were watching him closely.

But at the same time be as kindhearted and generous. Most of the times with money that’s not even his. He’s been known to carry around a box or cup of pencils that he munches on when overly nervous.

And no, the B. does not stand for 'beaver'.

He has been known to travel with a hot chocolate addicted snowman known as Cooler.

Cooler is the long-time buddy of Jake B. is the hot chocolate downing snowman confidant of Jake B.

He gained the taste for the beverage in question several years ago and has tired every version out there.

Coolers past has been hinted to being a burned-out university professor; the last of the Big Game Hunters; to maybe even being the founder of some unknown corporation.

What is known, is he’s never been in need of money.

Near Sight is the binocular toting frog who lost his glasses during a trek through Egypt, and the stogie chomping, fowl mouthed squirrel Nick was the one who nickname him this after the frog had to use binoculars as a quick fix.

Nick also found out the hard way his friend could hold his own in any fights.

Nick, the fowl mouthed, cigar chomping squirrel who one basic attitude.

F&^%’ Non-Smoking. And he’s not shy in letting people know this either.

He even gone as far as having signs and shirts made with the slogan, which he is so proudly to display and voice when at restaurants, stores, etc.

He’s also the same person who taught Sexy Kitty’s parrot all the Lovely words from the ‘Four Letter Handbook’. Many combinations one would think wouldn’t, couldn’t nor shouldn’t have been come up with.

Marshal Adobe is the cacti commissioned in the search for the Latina/Spanish (?) woman known solely as Sexy Kitty.

After the death of her husband who was old enough to be her Grandfather, the Marshal was requested by person due to his reputation to retrieve the very woman.

Many of the people he’s encountered he’s worked with in the past or knows by reputation.

Such as the bulldog PI. Denton Mac, Special Agent Juni Capcer, along with Alamo Devin Davod.

He’s even run into the tale of the Silver Back Gorilla known as Bastian.

Viktoriya is from the former USSR, she joined the Sexy Kitty party when Nick and Near Sight ran into the koala when visiting one of the many Ice Bars in Russia.

Whether she’s being sought by the Avenger ‘Black Widow’ cannot be confirmed nor denied. All is known, is she’s always in search of fun.

Viktorya has been known to delve into illegal business time and time again. 

Smuggling, murder, which is where the rumor of running into the bad side of Black Widow, when she made a hit on Bruce Banner or Clint Barton in Budapest.

Mr. Iedikein, the Victorian clad, pumpkin headed gentleman who’s rumored to be the man behind the revolutionary transferring program called ‘the Patch’.

The way it works, is if one is in sight of one of these routing boxes, and hears a phone, a page, etc. they need to answer, all they have to do is say: “Patch” or “Connect” and the phone call will be routed to the Bluetooth de-vice they are connected to.

Iediken’s I-I logo could be mistake for the letter ‘H’, due to it resembles twin Roman Numeral Ones, with a hyphen between them which are gold.

And in the center of an eye.

Iediken Inc is considered the ‘Gold’ standard when it comes to these routing systems, which reminds people of those from Star Trek.

It’s unclear whether he’s wearing a mask to remain anonymous, or it’s his actual features. But it’s clear he enjoys his pipe.

PI Denton Mac

Having been brought in to aid the investigation of the very wealthy socialite’s murder, Denton was in the middle of investigating the mysteriousGhost Bullets’ case at a public school.

Where the very child was also brandishing, waving a weapon when she passed.

His old friend with NCIS Jethro Gibbs was investigating a separate case, when he had gotten the call.

Many times, he can be seen in the company of a woman from the Crimson Hyde named Nar’Krǝä.

Her appearance varies from those who have seen her, but roughly stands 6’2” with turquoise or cobalt green skin; only true facial features are insect eyes, giving her a horned appearance due to how they slope upwards near her tem-ples; her hair resembles fiberoptic cables which change color in line with her mood.

Her left hand has only four fingers, missing the ring finger; index and middle fingers forming one on the opposite. It’s unclear whether she has a secondary shoulder spike resembling twin spider legs extending from her shoulder blades.


Due to occasionally wearing an obi concealing most of her appearance due to religious reasons.

Either way, he and others who know her, know not to piss her off. Any who do find themselves losing time.

No one knows what prevents shapeshifters from mimicking her race, only they always make the same mistake again and again, which is how their identified from the genuine Veshz Liesk race, which she is a part of.

Special Agent Juni Capcer.

Having lost her leg while stationed in Iraq, Juni assist Navel cases with a special flare, and can handle anyone who wishes to get nasty or overly sexual.

Particularly Agent Tony DiNozzo, when he happened to catch an e-mail to fellow partner Tim McGee about a woman. McGee and Ziva each claimed she was a truly ‘Foxy’ woman.

When he had his hopes all set, Agent Capcer shows up to drop off her report to Gibbs.

Due to material in a sealed file, Agent Capcer was given the job concerning the retired Naval Captain.

She’s aided sometimes by Abbs, Agent Seeley Booth, along with random members from the 70’s detective group ‘the Kids from C.A.P.E.R. (PT, Bugs, Doomsday, Doc, and Kurt Klingser). Now known simply as C.A.P.E.R. with an ever-randomized roster. But two or three of the regular members are there for various reasons.

Frank is not only a Polar Bear, but one of many Elvis Impersonators.

He does various other, such as Tom Jones, all the Fab 4, Old Blue Eye Sinatra and Dean Martin. But his most preferred and notable is the King himself.

Frank got involved in the search of the illusive Sexy Kitty when she happened to pose with him and other impersonators at a gig on the anniversary of the King’s death.

Bastian, the Silver Back Gorilla who protects regions of the Amazonian Rain Forest from poachers, War Lords, etc. with the aid of his Samurai Sword and modified musket handgun.

No one knows where he came from, but all know he is one you do not cross.

One Slave Trader attempted to capture three children to add to their roster. When Bastian got through with them, one was gutted, another decapitated, the last had a severed hand and blown out knees from behind. This one was the messenger.

There have been numerous theories ranging from an uncontrolled Eugenics

experiment from an unknown Mexican lab, that he was dropped off in the Amazon.

Another where he was the result of some mutation, and from an alternate timeline similar to ‘the Planet of the Apes’.

One of Marshal Adobe’s leads was connected to a War Lord who Col. Steve Austin with OSI had gone after.

He had been dispatched to retrieve a witness to the very War Lord's actions, only to discover they were the War Lord's grandfather, but bait for those who wanted to betray him.

Seishirou and Eriko are fraternal twin brother and sister.

Seishrirou resembles an Orange Pipe Mud Dauber, and is 10 minutes older, plus is a Horror Movie fan who’s written articles for such magazines as ‘Horror Hound, Rue Morgue’ along with his array of blogs.

His sister Eriko resembles a Cukoo Bee, along with being a comedian of all things, is a professional photographer. With each trading off doing weddings on the side.

Seishirou and Eriko met Sexy Kitty while at a Horror Fan Show in California.

Seishirou happened to wed four fan goers, as Eriko happened to catch the mysterious woman in several shots when doing the Wedding Album.

Eriko claims Seishirou even talked to the mystery woman when at one of the booths, even though he does not recall.

Alamo Devin Davod, trunkless, tusk less pachyderm Admiral who targets poachers of all kinds, and willing to do everything next to anything to deal out jus-tice.

When Alamo was at a gala held by a prominent South African diplomat, she asked him how he was enjoying the festivities.

He responded: Better than the tiger she was attempting to pass ass Pork Shoulder and Roast Beef.

In another instance, he tied a string to each poacher’s trigger, forcing them to partake in a macabre ritual of Russian Roulette.

In yet another, he buried one’s legs up to their knees barefoot. Omitting there was a nest of Bulldog ants nearby, while the animal they had merely wounded days earlier, circled their would-be hunter.

Alamo has been linked to such greats as Alan Quartermain, H.G. Wells, Mary Seacole, along with Dorothea Dix.

His run in came when tracking three Fortune 500 members who turned out to be Cage Hunting rhinos.

She had been in the area taking pictures, when by happenstance had had brunch with the very men in question.

Though Alamo knew their appearance well, she happened to have taken a picture of the very men.

Adding how if she had known what they were up to, she would have done everything in her power to have them arrested.

She also relayed how they were claiming to be with ‘Doctors Without Borders’, to National Geographic doing an expose on the slow decline of what turned out to be the very rhinos they were hunting.

Mahpiya the Steampunk wearing Horned Lizard who's part of the organization 'Hard Luck Harry'. 

The group is made up of an ever-changing roster, some of which have been the new and old 'Kids from C.A.P.E.R., along with '6 Underground'.

Although neither will confirm or deny who's an offshoot of who.

Manphiya was with one  iterations of 'HLH' when they met Sexy Kitty.

They had been hired by a representative for a man who would turn out to be Aatami Harkling Tunicoff, who is linked to Human Trafficking amongst other illegal activities and businesses.

They had gotten caught in Istanbul somehow without their passports.  To this day assume a mole or even the very Tunicoff could have been behind this.

Either way the mysterious Sexy Kitty helped them out through the array of loopholes to get them through to Turkey without their passports.

Oran Tierney a parapsychologist who’s worked with the likes of the Warrens and Constantine.

This Great Horned/Eostrix Owl mix has dealt with such forces as the Pumpkin Queen along with the Marry Poppins meets Pennywise (who he encountered as well several years after his defeat) Madam Maidkin.

Whether he’s connected to famous '40s actress Gene Tierney he al-ways downplays as pure happenstance.

Oran’s biggest cases have been the Pumpkin Queen who comes to both priests and nuns to lead them astray.

Her appearance is described as a fiery Jack-O-Lantern headed female in her true form, otherwise she appears as various forms of male or female.

Like Madam Maidkin if they gaze into their eyes their soul is stripped from them and added to those within the Jack-O-Lantern fiery pith.

Madam Maidkin the Au pair who all describe a woman dressed though mod-ern day, with the feel of 19th or Turn of the Century air, and circular onyx-purple, red, or blue sunset sunglasses.

This woman is no child friendly caregiver. She will kill the children, then leave the parent paralyzed before their lifeless body’s long enough to be found and blamed for their death’s.

Unlike the Pumpkin Queen, when they peer into her eyes, they are forced to state not only their deepest desires, but if they had any plans to betraying her, they’re forced to reveal this.

Sexy Kitty was one of many he happened to question in Derry, Maine inves-tigating reports of the resurrected Pennywise,

Oran was in the area originally to relax after his encounter with the Pumpkin Queen in the neighboring city.