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(The Last Witch Hunter

& Bloodrayne)

When the 2 Bloodrayne video games came out I got them. (BR: 2oo2/BR2:2oo4 Granted the character movements in the first one wasn't as great as the second, but it was still good.

The movies by Uwe Boll did were god awful.  First one was the typical origin story, the second she battle Billy Kid, Third Third Reich.  And they only got Progressively Worse. 

Some had hazard to guess that the first movie was the reason for destroying the character.

The Last Witch Hunter a 2o15 movie starring Vin Diesel where he hunts witches and is an Eternal.  But with a catch.  The witch who was behind the plague that killed Kaulder's wife curses him with eternal life.

And we also learn that it's the witch's heart that allows him to maintain this immortality.

Like I said the video games of Bloodrayne awesome, the Last Witch Hunter equally awesome.  So would it not be AWESOME if with the help of Fast & the Furious/XXX franchise Vin Diesel if Bloodrayne could be Rebooted.

First movie could have Kaulder and Rayne are battling two witches, one of which (sorry for the pun) is a Vampiric witch and for a time is assumed to be leader, but in reality is the Right hand of the main witch, which Kaulder had battle a year or so After gaining his immortality.

Then in the spin-off we get to see Better Bloodrayne movies.  

Once again a Trilogy, and we get video games out of it too.  Win Win (Return of Kaulder, Reboot of Rayne.  Boll out of the picture :D )